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Five cool things coming soon from Kinesis, Lezyne, Corima, Easton and Zycle

Here’s a selection of the best bikes, components and accessories we’re testing at the moment, with reviews being uploaded soon…

It might have been a horrible, windy last few days out riding but the testers haven't stopped, as there's been lots of exciting products to be put through the paces! Here's a selection of the best we currently have our hands on.

Kinesis Tripster ATR V3 frameset


Kinesis Tripster ATR V3-13.jpg

The Tripster ATR V3 is the third version of Kinesis’ titanium adventure and touring bike, promising greater carrying capability with the brand’s new Range carbon fork. But it’s not just the fork that has been altered, Kenesis says the frameset’s new seamless 3Al/2.5V titanium tubing and machined headtube offers “ultimate strength and rider comfort”. Other touch-ups include increased clearance for 700c x 45mm or 650b x 50mm tyres, a new seatstay junction and an updated geometry for a “better fit and more consistent handling for a wider range of riders”.

Dave Atkinson tested the previous model of this frameset in 2018 and was impressed with the ride’s “responsive, taut and springy” feel. We’ll find out his thoughts on the latest iteration of the frame in his review that’s coming soon.

Easton Cycling Cranks EA90 Arms


2020 Easton Cycling Cranks EA90 Arms

The Easton EA90 cranks are an aluminium version featuring the trickle-down tech of the highly modular EC90 SL carbon cranks which Stuart Kerton reviewed back in the summer of 2019. As Stuart’s main criticism of the carbon cranks was their exorbitant price, this cheaper alloy version looks an interesting prospect. The arms come in the three most popular lengths, 170mm, 172.5mm, and 175mm, while the chainrings are mounted using Raceface’s wonderfully simple CINCH system.

Increasing the versatility of these cranks is their ability to take both 2x and 1x chainrings—which Easton supply in a wide range of tooth counts. The spindle is 30mm in diameter, so this crankset won’t be compatible with bottom brackets intended for Shimano’s 24mm spindles. Fortunately, Easton provide BBs to suit a wide variety of bottom bracket shells. Stuart Kerton will be reporting back soon…

Lezyne Super Drive 1600XXL Front Light


2020 Lezyne Super Drive 1600XXL 1.jpg

With the evenings becoming darker and darker, effective and well-performing lights are an essential bit of kit for getting a ride in outside. Lezyne says this high-powered front light can put out up to 1600 lumens and its Tri-focus Optics is said to create an ideal beam pattern for bombing it at high speeds in the dark. On its lowest setting (Femto mode) Lezyne claims the battery is able to last for 148 hours, but on full blast (Overdrive mode) this time is slashed down to 1hr 45mins. The light’s auto day/night sensor should adjust the lumen output while in select modes, and its Smart Connect and Remote Switch compatibility is included for ease of use. We’ll find out how Jamie Williams got on, with his verdict coming shortly.

Corima G30.5 30.5mm 28" Tubeless Ready Carbon Gravel Wheelset


2020 Corima G30-5 30.5MM 28-inch tubeless ready carbon gravel wheels.jpg

French wheel maker Corima says they aim to set “the new benchmark for gravel wheel design and performance” with their £2,010 hookless carbon wheels. The off-road wheelset is tubeless ready and optimised for tyres between 28mm and 60mm wide. Corima claim to have increased rim rigidity with, what they call, “torsion box technology”— the wheels are filled with structural foam and a horizontal UD carbon fibre bar. Corima says this design feature also helps absorb vibrations for a more comfortable ride. Stuart Kerton will be the judge of Corima’s bold claims, with a test report that’s on its way.

Zycle ZPro SMART Turbo Trainer


2020 Zycle ZPro SMART Turbo Trainer - 1.jpg

Used by the Kern Pharman UCI continental professional cycling team, this wheel-on smart turbo comes at a very reasonable price, and even has a 3-month premium subscription to the virtual platform Bkool thrown in (Zycle took over the hardware side of Bkool's business last year). Zycle says the foldable turbo has a revised calibration system which is as simple as plug and play. The brand have also reduced the noise of the turbo down to 75dB.

The turbo can simulate up to 15% gradients and Zycle claim it’s accurate within  +/- 3%—is it really as great value as it seems? Stuart Kerton will be letting us know soon.

For all the latest test reports, head over to our reviews section. If you want some more advice before splashing your cash, check out our buyer's guides

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Yorky-M | 3 years ago

That lovely new Ti Kenesis is on my Santa list but the head angle looks mental! Looking forward to the review to see if it does steer like a battleship. Hoping not or it is Van Nicolas for me

Dingaling replied to Yorky-M | 3 years ago
1 like

I can recommend the Genesis Croix de Fer Ti. I've had mine for 18 months and it's a pleasure to ride.

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