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Gear up for bikepacking adventures — five cool bags and accessories from Specialized, Lomo, Zefal and Morsa

If you've got plenty of bike adventures lined up for the year, these bags and accessories might come in handy...

If like me, you’ve made plenty of bikepacking plans for 2023, you might also be on the lookout for some brand-new bikepacking bags and kit for your adventures. No matter how short or long your adventure is, storing all the necessary kit on your bike is a must, especially if you venture off the beaten track on your gravel bike

Finding out exactly what bags to get - and what you need - is a task in itself. Here, we have four bikepacking bags and an accessory that can help you out a little. All of these products are going through our testing and they will appear in our reviews section very soon. There are plenty of bags we have already reviewed as well, so do check those out in the meantime!  

Specialized/Fjällräven Snack Bag - £40

Specialized/Fjällräven Snack Bag

Snacks are a necessity on any bike ride, and even more so on a longer bikepacking trip. This snack bag is a product of the collaboration between the Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven and cycling apparel and bike manufacturing giant Specialized. 

The two brands are both renowned for creating good-looking things and this bag is no exception. It attaches to your handlebars with Velcro straps and offers an easy-access bag for a bottle, snacks or other small items.

The 0.8l bag is made from durable Vinylon with all-around foam padding for structure and ease of use and closes with a simple cinch-and-release snowlock. 

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Lomo 13L Bikepacking Seat Pack - £36

2023 Lomo 13L Bikepacking Seat Pack Dry Bag - 2.jpg

A mere snack bag doesn’t get you very far on a bikepacking trip, which is where a bigger saddle bag comes into the picture. And as far as saddlebags go, Lomo has really kept things simple and affordable with this one. 

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The bag is made of waterproof materials and has a roll-top closure to keep all the rain and sprays off your things. It attaches to your bike's saddle post with Velcro straps with two more straps looping around your saddle rails and has a carrying capacity of 13 litres. That's plenty for longer overnight rides where you might want to pack camping gear, as well. 

There are two plates inside the bag so it holds its shape better and prevents it from swaying around, but despite those, the bag is really lightweight at 395g. 

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Lomo 3L Bikepacking Handlebar Dry Bag - £19.50

2023 Lomo 3L Bikepacking Handlebar Dry Bag.jpg

This Lomo dry bag adds three litres of storage to the front of your bike, making it great for carrying your small essentials, more snacks or extra layers that you want to access more easily than a seat pack allows. 

The bag attaches to the handlebars with three straps, which makes it stable even on the rockiest of terrain, and the adjustability of the straps means the bag should fit the majority of handlebars regardless of their shape. 

The bag has a fully waterproof exterior and features welded watertight seams and the double-ended closure means it's easy to access your things from either end of the bag. For even more storage, Lomo has added bungee cords at the top of the bag - ideal way to store a rain jacket or perhaps... you guessed it, more food. 

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Zefal Adventure Frame Bag -£30

Zefal Adventure Frame Bag

There is no limit to how many bags you can fit on your bike, is there? This waterproof Zefal Adventure frame bag utilises the space in your bike’s front triangle and comes in three sizes: the C2, C3 and C4. We’ve got the smallest C2 size in for testing, and it takes 2.2l of cargo inside it. 

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This is enough for a puncture repair kit, tools, even more snacks, and maybe electronics as well. Because of the compact size, this C2 size bag should also fit on smaller frame sizes.

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Morsa Garmin Computer & Universal Adapter & Arm Kit -£40

2023 Morsa Garmin Computer & Universal Adapter and Arm Kit - side.jpg

As you might have gathered from all the bag options above, bikepacking is really about carrying a lot of things with you into the wilderness and then hauling them back home… and you need some form of navigation in order to do that. 

The Morsa Garmin Computer & Universal Adapter & Arm Kit frees up some space on your handlebars for your handlebar bag and offers an extended cycling computer mount and an accessory mount. The mount is made of carbon composite nylon and weighs a mere 52g, so it’s not adding really any weight to your setup. 

You can bung on your computer at the top for easy navigation and then attach your light to the arm to light your way to your destination in the dark, without both of these competing for space on your handlebars. 

Morsa says the mount works with Garmin Edge 200, 500, 800, 1000 and 1030 (and the Touring series) and any light that can mount to a 31.8mm bar. 

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Tempted by that Morsa mount to simplify my lighting woes.  Dont appear to have a UK distributor and they are based in the US....

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Cough - cough - Carradice - cough - cough... 

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Yes, you can spend ages putting on taking off all these stupid little bags, or you can use one big saddlebag which comes on and off in an instant

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