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Get fit with these new Zwift-compatible indoor trainers from Decathlon (and the prices look very reasonable) – plus tech news from Giant, Rapha, Wilier, Komoot + more

Check out the pros’ coolest new paint jobs, Insta360’s Garmin integration, and “one of the safest urban helmets available”

Everyone might have been on holiday for the past week or two, but 2024 is already fizzing with new bike tech, and we’re kicking off with the latest releases from Decathlon to help you get in shape and shake off the winter blues…

Get fit this year with these affordable smart trainers from Decathlon

If you’re looking for an indoor bike to help get you in shape on Zwift this January, check out the Domyos Challenge 1500W that Decathlon has quietly launched for just under a grand.

2024 Decathlon smart bike-trainer - 1

Decathlon describes the Domyos range as its “most complete, high-performance and robust indoor bikes”, and this top-level model comes with 32 levels of resistance and 40+ programmes via the free Domyos app.

Decathlon says you get ultra-smooth pedalling thanks to electromagnetic resistance and an 11kg flywheel. The resistance is up to 1500 watts when you’re pedalling at a cadence of 60 rpm. For comparison, Wahoo claims a resistance of up to 2200 watts on its Kickr Bike Shift, but one of those will set you back £2,700.

More important for most people is the fact that the Domyos connects wirelessly to apps like Zwift and Kinomap, so you can have fun while you’re racking up the virtual miles. Those apps certainly make indoor riding a whole lot more interesting and rewarding, and they’ll keep your fitness on track.

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Decathlon has its own patented system that allows you to micro-adjust your ride position and it claims that the Domyos is silent in use.

If you think anything at this price is bound to feel flexy and cheap, the Domyos comes with a steel protection cover and weighs 59kg. Decathlon reckons the stability is unbeatable, even when you’re pounding hard on the pedals. You also get a 5-year warranty, and the product is repairable for at least 10 years.

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2024 Decathlon smart bike-trainer - 3

If you don’t want to spend that much, Decathlon also introduced a new Van Rysel Interactive Turbo Trainer D500 (£449.99) towards the end of last year. It’s a direct-drive trainer – meaning that you whip the rear wheel off your bike and run the chain around a cassette fitted to the trainer.

2024 Decathlon smart bike-trainer - 2

The D500 is a smart trainer so, again, you can use it alongside apps like Zwift. Like the Domyos Challenge indoor bike (above), it has a maximum power of 1500 watts and can simulate hills up to 12%.

Want more resistance than that? The D900 (£549.99) has a max power of 2000 watts and hill simulation of up to 20%.

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Check out EF Pro Cycling’s cool new Rapha kit

The first week in January is always the time when we see the pros out and about in their shiny new kit, and EF Pro Cycling’s, which comes courtesy of Rapha, is usually among the most eye-catching.

2024 EF Pro Cycling Rapha clothing - 2

“Designed in collaboration with the riders themselves, the signature pink colour, with yellow graphical accents featuring sponsor logos and team traits, sets the 2024 kit apart,” says Rapha. “Road racing phrases like ‘Turn the screw’ and ‘Up up up’ are joined by a homage to the squad's favourite card game, adding a playful touch that captures the character of EF Pro Cycling.”

Hang on! EF Pro Cycling has an official favourite card game?

EF Education-EasyPost’s Owain Doull says, “I love all the little Easter eggs and hidden messages. If I had to choose a favourite, it would have to be the cards. Unless you're in the team, you wouldn't understand, so I think that's really cool.”

2024 EF Pro Cycling Rapha clothing - 1

Are those playing cards on the shoulder? We’re not completely sure. What we do know is that the team clothing will be available to buy from February.

While we’re about it, the EF Pro Cycling Cannondale bikes look pretty cool too, if you'd like a gander at those...

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Pin back your lugholes with Kask’s new lid

What do you make of Filippo Ganna’s new headgear? The Ineos Grenadiers rider has been pictured wearing an unreleased helmet from Kask that covers the tops of his ears. What the hell is going on here? Sartorially, the new lid is bound to raise a few eyebrows, but we’re guessing the design is all about performance rather than style.

The new helmet looks a little like Kask’s existing Utopia, although there’s always the chance that it’s an entirely new model. It comes with three vents up front, another towards the top, and more on the extended tail.

Ears aren’t fundamentally aero, are they? Quite the opposite, which was the rationale for POC’s Propel cycling glasses when launched last year. The Propels come with side fairings designed to guide air away from your ears. And who could forget Specialized's aero balaclava?

We look forward to Kask’s white paper explaining how its new design will improve your efficiency by two watts, five watts, or whatever watts... possibly depending on the size of your ears. We’ll keep you updated on that one.

Met unveils “one of the safest urban helmets available”

Sticking with Italian helmets, Met has launched a new E-Mob Mips lid. This one comes with e-bike helmet certification and weighs a highly reasonable 365g (size medium).

2024 Met E-Mob Mips helmet - 1

The E-Mob Mips comes with Met’s existing MET Safe-T Sport fit system which offers 360° adjustment, a ratchet buckle, and a three-mode USB-rechargeable rear LED.

> Head over to ebiketips for everything you need to know about e-bikes

As the name suggests, it offers a Mips safety system that’s designed to avoid brain injury in the event of a crash by redirecting rotational motion, and you get NTA 8776 certification, which is a Dutch standard that relates especially to e-bike helmets.

2024 Met E-Mob Mips helmet - 3

“Recognising the higher speed and greater energy released upon impact if a crash occurs while riding an e-bike, this certification means this helmet can help to dissipate energy more efficiently than standard helmets,” says Met. “This makes it one of the safest urban helmets available.”

The Met E-Mob Mips is priced at £100 while a non-Mips model is £70.

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Jayco-AlUla goes nuts with the paintbox

Going back to pro bikes, Team Jayco-AlUla has given its Giants a lick of paint…

And the same goes for the women’s Livs…

Do they do it for you?

Insta360 cameras now integrate with Garmin computers

You can now integrate an Insta360 action camera with a Garmin device for the first time to enhance your footage. What does that mean in practice?

2023 Insta360 Garmin - 2

“You can now pull accurate, real-time data from your Garmin device and add it to your footage when you export,” says Insta360. “Overlay stats such as GPS, elevation, and speed for data-rich videos with the unique stats dashboard: see how fast you're going, how much distance you've covered, your route, and more.”

> Insta360 launches GO 3 thumb-sized action camera for cycling with magnetic mounting system 

This integration extends to the entire range of Insta360 cameras, including the GO 3.

2023 Insta360 Garmin - 1

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The Insta360 app now supports any Garmin device that shares data with Garmin Connect, including bike computers and smartwatches.

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Komoot introduces its map navigation to Garmin devices

Speaking of tech integration (above), Komoot has announced the launch of its map for Garmin. This is “a proprietary navigation interface available to Komoot Premium of Garmin devices compatible with the Komoot Connect IQ App” – even devices without built-in navigation capabilities. 

2024 Komoot Garmin - 1

“Komoot Premium users can now navigate rides, runs and hikes on their Garmin bike computer or smartwatch with Komoot’s intuitive map interface, and utilise Komoot features like offline navigation, turn-by-turn instructions, and customisable data fields,” says Komoot.

> Find out how to get started with Komoot

2024 Komoot Garmin - 2

“Vivid turn arrows indicate clear on-screen directions, while a Zoom&Move function allows users to explore their surroundings in detail from their device — with the ability to zoom in and out and move the map if needed. When the adventure meanders into the woods, users can also enable a Dark Mode that optimises screen navigation in low-light environments with a high-contrast Komoot map.”

If you’re really quick, Komoot is offering all users – including those without an active Premium subscription – the chance to test this new feature until 7th January 2024.

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One more pro bike? Oh, go on then: Groupama-FDJ’s Wilier Filante SLR

We're going heavy on pro bikes in this edition of Tech of the Week, so one more won't hurt... Wilier has been providing the bikes for Astana Qazaqstan for a few years, and it’s now sponsoring Groupama-FDJ too.

2024 FDJ Wilier Filante SLR - 1

The Filante has to be among the best-looking bikes in the WorldTour, maybe the prettiest of the lot, and the performance is just as good.

> Check out our review of the Wilier Filante SLR 

2024 FDJ Wilier Filante SLR - 3

The Groupama-FDJ finish is understated compared with Astana's. Which is better? 

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Take a look at Aerohead's range of lightweight accessories – made in the UK

Aerohead says that its computer mounts, light brackets and AirTag cases benefit from a move away from traditional manufacturing technologies, such as injection moulding, towards powder bed fusion – a 3D printing technique. The British brand says this approach offers “greater design freedom, reduced waste, and shorter cycle times”, and allows it to improve tensile strength, feature detail, and robustness.

2024 Aerohead - 1 (1)

“Our Combo Ti mount [£64.99], for example, has undergone dozens of design iterations in a single year, has the lowest stack height of any similar combo mount, and is half the weight of the market-leading part while maintaining most of its payload capacity,” says Aerohead’s founder Ben Aston.

2024 Aerohead - 1

“Similarly, our Out Front Ti [£59.99] and Climb Ti [£59.99] mounts are up to 7g lighter than the official Wahoo Elemnt Bolt mount, while retaining the same stiffness and durability,”

Aerohead manufactures its products in North London. We’ll request some for review here on In the meantime, head over to Aerohead’s website to check out the full range.

Find out more here 

Sort out your bag game with the Fold+Rºll

Some bags have a zillion little compartments and pockets to help you stay organised, and some don’t, in which case things can sometimes get chaotic in there. The Fold+Rºll is designed to sort that out.

2024 FoldandRll

The team behind Fold+Rºll says, “The Fold+Rºll is a simple, neat, packing organiser for safely and compactly storing clothes on the go, without fiddly straps, Velcro or fastenings. Whether that’s keeping an office outfit smart and safe inside your cycle panniers, stowing a spare shirt in a carry-on or separating trousers and pants from important work presentations in a messenger bag, Fold+Rºll keeps your stuff together but your worlds apart. No more mixing up pants with presentations when you use the same bag for home, work and travel.”

This quick video explains it…

Look carefully and you’ll see a pair of socks making a cameo roll in the video– how exciting! – although this enterprise has nothing to do with us.

The Fold+Rºll is made from organic cotton printed in Poland and manufactured by a social enterprise in France. You can pre-order over at Singletrack World

Find out more here 

Mat has been in cycling media since 1996, on titles including BikeRadar, Total Bike, Total Mountain Bike, What Mountain Bike and Mountain Biking UK, and he has been editor of 220 Triathlon and Cycling Plus. Mat has been technical editor for over a decade, testing bikes, fettling the latest kit, and trying out the most up-to-the-minute clothing. He has won his category in Ironman UK 70.3 and finished on the podium in both marathons he has run. Mat is a Cambridge graduate who did a post-grad in magazine journalism, and he is a winner of the Cycling Media Award for Specialist Online Writer. Now over 50, he's riding road and gravel bikes most days for fun and fitness rather than training for competitions.

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peted76 | 4 months ago

My first thought was to rubbish that 'Fold+Rºll' thingy..I mean it's replaced a 'bag'.. and then, once my brain had chance to catch up, actually.. I quite like the idea of it.. a packing cube is a certain size but that thing would always be the right size.. so I thought 'this can't be a new idea'.. BUT I'm buggered if I can find anything like it.. what am I missing.. is it a silly idea or will we soon see Alpkit producing a lightweight version for bikepacking ?

FYI £30 for what is essentially a piece of cloth with a bit of elastic on.. does seem a bit much.. I guess I could just use a lightweight towel or stick with packing cubes. Still it's an interesting solution.


kil0ran | 4 months ago

Great to see the return of colour and a bit of early 90s madness to the pro peloton. That has to be the wildest Giant paintjob in years. No sign of a team replica being available yet though.

Cranston Watts | 4 months ago

That Decathlon bike looks amazing and incredible value.
Translating the reviews on the website it confirms that it does automatically adjust the resistance when using zwift. Like an atom but half price.

mark1a replied to Cranston Watts | 4 months ago

I was also thinking similar, but then I can't see any way to shift gears, like the Wattbike/Tacx/Wahoo/Stages models. 

Rendel Harris replied to mark1a | 4 months ago
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mark1a wrote:

I was also thinking similar, but then I can't see any way to shift gears, like the Wattbike/Tacx/Wahoo/Stages models. 

Looks as though there are + and - buttons on the top of the tribars so I think they must be the gearchangers, can't see what else they would do.

mark1a replied to Rendel Harris | 4 months ago
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Good spot. 

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