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Panaracer introduces "fastest-ever" GravelKing tyre as it overhauls entire gravel range

Updated range includes new tread compound, improved hookless compatibility, better puncture protection, and a new X1 model

Panaracer has completely reinvented its popular GravelKing gravel tyre lineup, introducing a new tread compound, bead, and puncture protection system, along with updated sizing and an entirely new model in the shape of the GravelKing X1. The Japanese brand has been busy, then.

2024 Panaracer GravelKing X1 - 1

Panaracer introduced the original GravelKing back in 2014, and the range has grown since then to become one of the most prominent in the whole gravel genre. GravelKings have been modified over the years, one constant being that they’ve always reviewed well here on and

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What has changed for the 10th anniversary? Loads. 

2024 Panaracer GravelKing X1 - 1 (1)

“The entire lineup has undergone a top-down remodel of technology, including an entirely new bead we’re calling “BeadLock”, an updated version of our proprietary anti-puncture material called TuffTex, and a new tread compound called ZSG Gravel,” says Panaracer.

BeadLock is intended to work with an array of rim types – both hooked and hookless. Panaracer says the design allows you to mount a tyre seamlessly, mostly with just a standard floor pump rather than needing to use one with a pressurised chamber, or a CO2 canister. We’ve been hands-on with these tyres but we’ve not set them up or ridden them yet, so we can’t comment on our experiences.

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“The all-new ZSG Gravel compound is precisely formulated from our exclusive ZSG (Zero Slip Grip) material,” says Panaracer. “Crafted specifically for gravel terrain, this unique compound guarantees exceptional resilience against temperature variations, delivering consistent rubber performance from freezing cold to sweltering heat.

2024 Panaracer GravelKing X1 - 1 (2)

That’s the marketing spiel. Panaracer says ZSG Gravel offers lower rolling resistance than the compound that was previously used, although it hasn’t given us any statistics to quantify the improvement.

The entire GravelKing lineup features an updated version of Panaracer’s proprietary anti-puncture material called TuffTex, with various types of TuffTex used for different models.

“With its supple, high thread count casing, TuffTex ensures durability while boasting precisely engineered bead-to-bead puncture protection,” says Panaracer. “Building upon this innovation, TuffTex + features a dual layer of bead-to-bead TuffTex material, enhancing puncture resistance and overall security.

“Meanwhile, TuffTex R showcases our most supple and lightweight casing yet, delivering unparalleled comfort and agility. This unique blend guarantees an exceptionally smooth ride, offering the lowest rolling resistance available in a GravelKing tyre.”

2024 Panaracer GravelKing X1 - 2

Again, we’ve not used the tyres yet so we can’t comment on the performance.

New X1 is "the fastest-ever GravelKing"

Panaracer has introduced the new GravelKing X1 which, it says, has been in development for two years and is the range's fastest ever tyre. It comes with a new tread design.

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"The X1's centre tread is finely tuned for exceptional rolling speed, surpassing the rolling resistance of both the GravelKing SS and SK in real-world and laboratory testing," says Panaracer.

"Challenging the norms of conventional gravel tyre design, the X1 introduces side knobs that break the mould — positioned higher and more aggressively than the centre tread. The tyre's unique shape ensures exceptionally smooth transitions, maintaining control even in diverse terrains. This innovative design shines when navigating through loose and rocky landscapes."

Like the GravelKing, GravelKing SK, and GravelKing Semi Slick, the GravelKing X1 is available in an R (Race) version that uses the TuffTex R anti-puncture material mentioned above.

2024 Panaracer GravelKing X1 - 1 (5)

Panaracer has also introduced new sizing. The 700C x 32mm, 38mm and 43mm options are out, with widths now going from 30mm to 45mm in 5mm increments. Some options come in 26mm and 28mm widths too. The GravelKing SK is available in a 50mm option, while the 650B, 26in and 29in models are still available.

On top of all these tech changes, Panaracer has introduced an entirely new logo and packaging. The new GravelKing range name is now the most prominent feature with the Panaracer brand name lower down the pecking order. Panaracer believes that GravelKing has become a brand in its own right over the past decade, so it gets headline billing.

Standard Panaracer GravelKing tyres are priced at £54.99 with the GravelKing + (with TuffTex + puncture protection) and GravelKing R tyres £64.99 apiece. They’re available in the USA and Japan right away, with delivery from the end of March in the UK and the rest of world. We have some on the way for review.

Mat has been in cycling media since 1996, on titles including BikeRadar, Total Bike, Total Mountain Bike, What Mountain Bike and Mountain Biking UK, and he has been editor of 220 Triathlon and Cycling Plus. Mat has been technical editor for over a decade, testing bikes, fettling the latest kit, and trying out the most up-to-the-minute clothing. We send him off around the world to get all the news from launches and shows too. He has won his category in Ironman UK 70.3 and finished on the podium in both marathons he has run. Mat is a Cambridge graduate who did a post-grad in magazine journalism, and he is a winner of the Cycling Media Award for Specialist Online Writer. Now over 50, he's riding road and gravel bikes most days for fun and fitness rather than training for competitions.

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jackseph | 1 month ago

The 38mm slicks are my favourite tyre of all time. If they discontinue this...

thrawed | 1 month ago

Pretty disappointing the 700c filetread are staying at 40mm max. I love my 42mm teravail ramparts and having a 45mm option that isn't absurdly priced rene herse would be nice.

OnYerBike replied to thrawed | 1 month ago
1 like

Challenge Strada Bianca comes in 700x45. Not cheap, but not quite Rene Herse expensive. 

joules1975 replied to thrawed | 1 month ago

eh? Article says tyre sizing will be 30mm to 45mm, in 5 mm increments, and indeed a 50mm will be available for the SK version of the tyre.

thrawed replied to joules1975 | 1 month ago
1 like

The bikeradar article has a chart of all the available sizes,

And by filetread I'm referring to regular gravelking slicks, not SK

quiff replied to joules1975 | 1 month ago

But on the Panarcer site, the 'slick' (file tread) only goes up to 40mm.

OnYerBike | 1 month ago


 Challenging the norms of conventional gravel tyre design, the X1 introduces side knobs that break the mould — positioned higher and more aggressively than the centre tread.

Is that not pretty standard for gravel tyres? 

joules1975 replied to OnYerBike | 1 month ago

Is there such a thing as a standard gravel tyre? The gravel king range itself goes from almost slick like tyres to mtb like tyres.

OnYerBike replied to joules1975 | 1 month ago

Maybe "standard" wasn't quite the right word, but I would certainly argue that a similar design (low profile centre and more aggressive side knobs) is a very common design for gravel tyres, and not some new innovation as Panaracer seem to be suggesting. 

Wingguy | 1 month ago

Hopefully the casing and bead are a big improvement. The standard TLC casing was so diabolically loose and difficult to seat I flat out refused to sell them to people with hookless wheels.

joules1975 | 1 month ago
1 like

Does this mean GK tyres will no longer throw small stones at anyone trying to ride in your slip stream?

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