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Rapha and EF Education unveil men’s and women’s team kits - is this the best 2022 design?

What do you think of EF’s modern take on the traditional Argyle pattern?

EF Education-EasyPost and EF Education TIBCO-SVB men’s and women’s WorldTour teams have revealed their 2022 kits which have been designed in collaboration with Rapha, and it’s as stunning as ever. 

2022 Rapha EF team kits 3

There may be lots of sponsor title changes and bike/equipment swap overs each season but one thing you can be certain of is that whoever Rapha and EF Education are sponsoring they will take the team kit to new levels to unveil, arguably, the coolest kit of the season.

2022 Rapha EF team kits 4

This year’s 2022 design has been “executed through creative coding and image/pattern manipulation” and presents a modern interpretation of the Argyle pattern. 

2022 Rapha EF team kits 2

An Argyle pattern is made of diamonds or lozenges, and these have been warped and splattered across the pink base. It looks great, right? Well, we'd certainly say so, Argyle has been the pattern of choice on our jerseys for years, we can see where EF took inspiration from. 

The men’s and women’s EF 2022 kits will be available to buy this spring on, but you can get yourself one of our Argyle patterned jerseys right now over here.

Both the men’s and women’s teams will be competing in a kit with this design, but with a subtle colour variation.

This season is the first time the EF Education-TIBCO-SVB women’s team will line up wearing Rapha, as EF Education First join TIBCO and Silicon Valley Bank as co-title sponsors of the North American women’s team. 

Rapha and the EF Education men’s team started their journey together back in 2019. The one-off collaboration between Rapha and Palace Skate for EF Pro Cycling at 2020’s Giro d’Italia produced one of the most striking kits we’ve seen in the pro peloton, that’s for sure. 

The duck vanished for EF Education-Nippo’s 2021 team kit, but it kept within the UCI guidelines, quite literally…

If, like us, you’ve pored over UCI rules on kit design, you’ll know that regulations are tight over issues such as how much space should be given to sponsors’ logos, and where they should be placed.

And, taking a close look at the EF Education-Nippo jersey, from Rapha, you can see that they have kept within those parameters … and incorporated the guidelines into the design.

Let’s hear what you think of the new 2022 kit below.

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