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Ratio Technology brings 12-speed to riders with 10- or 11-speed shifters and derailleurs with new kit

For under £100, the 1x12 Road Upgrade Kit promises to save you both the expense and weight of electronic shifting…

Promising “12-speed for all”, Ratio Technology has released its new 1x12 Road Upgrade kit to allow riders to gain the advantages of greater gear range and closer ratios without the expense or weight of electronic shifting.

Ratio Technology’s new Road Upgrade Kit allows riders with 10 or 11-speed mechanical SRAM shifters and a 1x-specific Exact Actuation derailleur to pair this with a 12-speed eTap AXS cassette and chain.

This isn’t the first upgrade offering from the UK start up. Back in October 2020, Ratio Technology released its £49.50 conversion kit for turning Sram mechanical 1x11 shifters into wide-range 1x12.

2021 Ratio Technology 1x12 Upgrade Kit 3

SRAM’s 12-speed cassettes and chains are now available at a more accessible price point, but can still only be used as part of an electronic wireless groupset.

2021 Ratio Technology 1x12 Upgrade Kit 3

“The newly launched ‘mid-range’ Rival eTap AXS group is £1,102 in the 1x configuration. This shouldn’t be the middle of the market. Wouldn’t it be great if more riders could access the benefits?,” Ratio Technology says.

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The brand also argues that mechanical groupsets remain ideal for many. “Whether it’s weight, long bikepacking adventures away from a socket or because mechanical groupsets are easier to troubleshoot and maintain at home, there’s still a place for mechanical actuation.”

In terms of sustainability, there’s also a good argument for converting. “Chains and cassettes wear out, but there’s no reason you should need new shifters and derailleurs to access the benefits of 12-speed.”

Alongside the new upgrade kit, Ratio Technology has released another component, a cable spool for SRAM road shifters.

Ratio Technology’s upgrade kits (both the 1×12 Wide and the new 1×12 Road) can now be used with SRAM 10-speed road shifters. Previously the upgrade kits could only be used with 11-speed shifters.

2021 Ratio Technology 1x12 Upgrade Kit 1

“SRAM didn’t change much between the 10-speed and 11-speed generations but the ratchet/spool assembly was updated,” Ratio Technology explains. “This meant that the only thing preventing a 12-speed ratchet going into a 10-speed shifter was one small piece of plastic—we’ve fixed that now.”

2021 Ratio Technology 1x12 Upgrade Kit 2

Ratio Technology also says the cable spool prevents otherwise functional shifters from being chucked away. “In the last 12 months, we’ve seen a lot of shifters where the original cable spool has broken but the rest of the mechanism is in perfect condition. Previously there was no way of getting a replacement spool and carrying out the straightforward repair, now there is.”

Available now, the prices are as follows:

  • 1x12 Road Upgrade Kit, £99.50
  • Cable Spool, £9.50

More information about what you need to use the 1x12 Road Upgrade Kit and what you will find in the kit can be found here.

Although Ratio Technology do not provide an estimated time for converting your groupset using its kit, they do have a helpful video so you can upgrade your components at home.

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