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Old frames and new bits


I'm trying to make use of an old bike I have and build it up to use as a commuting machine. The frame is an old Raleigh road frame from around 1988 (Kellogg's Pro Tour 501 tubes).

I'd like to replace the drive-train, and upgrade the existing 6 speed system with a 9 speed tiagra config, which would be more similar to my existing 'real' road bike.

I don't know much about this sort of thing, and part of the plan is to do this all myself and learn in the process.

I was pondering this the other day though, and while I think most of the parts will just swap out, I suddenly wondered whether there would be an issue with the BB area. The question is, has BB technology (the threads or whatever) changed in the intervening 20 years? Or should I still be able to slot in a Tiagra chain-set to my 20 year old frame?

If I can't then do I have any other options for upgrading the drive-train, as I assume that my existing chain-set wouldn't work with the thinner chain required for a 9 speed cassette.

Any information gratefully received. Thanks!!


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