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What properly fast bike with mudguards?

I'm sure this comes up all the time but I've not seen it on the forum yet.

I commute a 25 mile round trip and have just started to do a bit of road riding at the weekend (bored of getting wet and muddy on the MTB at the moment) and thinking about some 100mile sportives next year. I'm currently on a PlanetX Kaffenback drop bar and thinking that I would like something significantly lighter and faster.

I'm in love with the Cannondales in the LBS, but my back-lane commute is wet and muddy even in summer, so I would like to run proper guards all year round (no race blades). It will be my only road bike to compliment the three MTBs. Budget up to 2k at a push and I'll be on something like a 60cm frame. Really thinking about race geometry rather than a higher and shorter audax type frame.

So far I've spotted the PlanetX Sportive Ti (I think too short), maybe something from Enigma or the Kinesis Gran Fondo. What else is there that I've missed, what have you and what do you think of it?

Time for a test of something other than a TOTR carbon race bike?


If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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