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Front Derailleur Setup

HI folks, are there any Shimano FD setup gurus who can advise me on what I am doing wrong trying to setup an FD (4700 Tiagra)?  I do the following:

  • Adjust the FD so that it is a couple of mm above the large chainring and parallel with it. 
  • Low stop and high stops set using a thumb to extend the FD.
  • I shift down and wind in the in-line barrel adjuster so that tension is at a minimum and then pull/connect the cable so that there is enough tension to keep the cable straight, but no more. 
  • Finally, I start winding up the tension on the barrel adjuster so that chain shifts up when I, err, shift up.  Once the min tension required to shift up is reached I stop.

The problem is that the increase in tension required to shift up now means that the chain is scuffing the FD in the lower gears (big or small ring) and the FD's low stop is fairly redundant as it is a few mm away from being effective.

Where am I going wrong??  I seem to have a choice of accepting chain scuff or riding around on only one chain ring.

Many thanks in advance.

oh, 4700 shifters and FD, 5800 crankset.

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