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H2 and Rule 170 ... who is in the right here

Tonight, while commuting home I've stopped to let a pedestrian cross the road, and had a bit of an angry blast on the horn from the guy behind me.

Traffic light controlled roundabout; I'm taking second exit.
I've waited  until my lights have changed to green and rolled on ... as I'm rolling the next set of lights have turned green; this set is immediatley before my exit.
I'm rolling through the green, and there is a pedestrian waiting to cross my exit.

I roll to a stop to let the pedestrian cross.
Van behind me is not very impressed and gives a long blast on the horn.
I'm not impressed or intimidated by the van, and shout back "What?" followed by "Read the Highway Code".

There is no further communication between myself and the van driver, other than the driver raising both is hands in the exasperation gesture, and shaking his magic beans at me.
Driver then turns right at next roundabout (approx 67m) and goes and sits at a fuel pump.

My interpretation of H2 and Rule 170 is that I was correct to stop ... I was turning and the pedestrian was waiting to cross, ergo, I was correct to give way.

However ... all the illustrations relate to a side road off, and not an exit from a roundabout .. which makes me wonder if I was correct or not.
The junction has no traffic control for pedestrians, however there is drop down kerbage and tactile paving, and is also a shared pathway.

Now .. the question is ... was I right to stop?

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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