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Metallic noise from cockpit on rough surfaces

Hi All,

I had a bike built last year with an Enigma Titanium frame, SRAM Force/Red AXS drivetrain and brakes and ZIPP carbon bars/seat tube and 3T aluminium stem. I am continually getting a metallic ping/creak when I go over bumps or rough surfaces.  I have tried cleaning interfaces and greasing bolts but it doesn't help.  I found from a thread on one forum that loosening and retightening the headset might work.  I tried it and for 30km or so, everything was fine and then it started again and gets worse over time.  Another play with the headset gave me the same result..ok for an hour or so of riding and then one sharp bump seems to set it off again.😏 One strange thing, my fork is carbon and so there is not just a star nut inside but some kind of bung.  When I try to loosens/re-tighten the headset (after loosening the stem bolts), I get rid of any slack but don't seem to be able to get the headset to overtighten and 'bind'. I am afraid of might happen if I turn the nut too far but I seem to be able to go a good full turn after all slack has gone...and don't want to try any further.  Was wondering whether this is something to do with the problem... any advice welcome!  


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