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Seven years for Death by Careless - can anyone explain?

Can anyone help me understand the sentence in this case - driver hit ped on A52 near Grantham at speed in excess of 60mph - Somerby Hill. And drove away.

"When he hadn’t returned home by the next morning, his family and friends began searching for him.

An iPhone tracking app showed his phone was stationary at a spot near Somerby Hill along the A52."

Guilty plea. I thought Death by Careless was 5 years max. Not sure how the other elements feed in.

Sounds like the driver was pissed out of his brain - refused to give a sample the following day.

Judge sounds a touch strange:

"Judge Catarina Sjolin Knight said it had been reasonable not to expect a pedestrian on that stretch of road."

(As far as I can see from Streetview that whole section has a footway.)

Judge has some strange previous. 16 week suspended sentence for man who killed a pensioner with his car on Christmas Day because he was fiddling with his child.

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