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Tackle positioning

A friend* has returned to road cycling after a couple of years of mostly MTB riding and can't seem to find a comfy saddle position. MTB riding was always in baggies without a liner whereas he's wearing bibs for road riding. Road rides are no more than two hours (anything from around 10 - 30 miles). He's noticed a small perineal lump (pea sized) on the right hand side (dominant leg side) that's under the skin. No soresness, heat, or redness on the skin itself so he's guessing it's probably a cyst, although it is quite hard and painful when palpated. Saddle pain is apparent from this area typically after the first hour of riding.

Experiments continuing with saddle fore/aft, angle, and different bibs. Also considering trying a different saddle design. Current saddle is quite long-nosed and narrow but with good padding and is generally comfortable until the issue arises. Narrow nose suits him due to sprinter proportion thighs.

Considering using a short nose saddle but the question arose about how those feel in relation to where the testicles sit (cue images of Buster Gonad). And, more generally, about positioning on a conventional saddle. Obviously everyone is different in terms of body position/pelvis rotation/knackers size but should testicles be coming into contact with the nose of a conventional saddle, or should they be, um, hanging over the nose? And when wearing bibs is the side you dress a factor?

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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mark1a | 1039 posts | 1 year ago

Further to hirsute's suggestion, if you your friend visits a Specialized store or dealer, their saddles have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, you can try and return for a credit towards an alternative saddle if it doesn't suit. 

FixTheBloodySite | 8064 posts | 1 year ago

Would be worth popping to a specialized shop for a fitting.

IanMSpencer | 1910 posts | 1 year ago

There are lots of problems in there. I had broken my comfy saddle and tried the cheap and cheerful saddle that came with my Giant road bike. That causes severe bruising due to excessive pressure.

You are right that it is horses for courses, but my starting point is that a large hole in the middle makes for good willy comfort, no numbness since I adopted that.

My favourite saddle at the moment is the Giant Advanced saddle that came with my Revolt - quite a wide saddle with some softness. Previously I had a Selle Italia but haven't been able to replace it and the Giant is better. Saddle angle may also be a factor, and remember saddles come in different widths - a narrow saddle might create a pressure point due to sitting on the inner edge of the seat bones rather than on them.

As for tackle positioning, I think it is pad dependent. I have had to bin one pair of DHB as the seam sat where the end of my todger liked to be - and would rub it raw making it most unsuitable for nighttime use. It seems to be design dependent rather than brands I've got other DHB stuff that is comfy.

I'm not sure where my veg sit, I think that simply there is a suitable space above the seat between my legs. The pressure reducing space in a seat is avoiding pressure behind the testicles.

Other considerations - saddle height, excessive height might be causing pressure and rocking.

TheBillder replied to IanMSpencer | 1418 posts | 1 year ago
IanMSpencer wrote:

Other considerations - saddle height, excessive height might be causing pressure and rocking.

Agree with height. I read somewhere that most bike fits advise lower saddles, and that was certainly true for me, by a surprisingly long way.

kil0ran replied to IanMSpencer | 2910 posts | 1 year ago

It's a good point about pad positioning and design. I returned a pair recently which had an abrupt end to the pad rather than an absorbent/soft insert at the tip, could see that they would chafe unpleasantly. Currently riding in a pair of incredibly comfy PlanetX 365 bibs, an absolute bargain at £15 (two for £30 deal on at present)

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