Kinesis designer Dom Mason to launch new bike brand: Mason Progressive Cycles

"Forward thinking design, grounded in the needs of real riders" says Tripster & Aithein man

Dom Mason is leaving Kinesis UK to set up a new brand called Mason Progressive Cycles.

“The Mason brand will stand for progressive, forward thinking design, grounded in the needs of real riders and using the finest craftsmen, materials and componentry,” said Dom.

Dom has long been a champion of metal frames, and that looks set to continue.

“We’ll launch our new brand with two highly refined, beautifully finished framesets, built using the vast heritage and skill of carefully selected Italian makers,” he says.

“Frame material has been chosen to perfectly match the intended use and a unique carbon fork has been designed from the ground up, as no existing product could meet our requirements. All features are modern and highly functional.

“A carefully detailed bike range will be available to order, based around our framesets and using a specially selected mix of components.”

In his past couple of years at Kinesis, Dom was pushing the capabilities of aluminium alloy, using superplastic forming (a Kinesis International patent) to come up with the 1,200g Racelight Aithein frame

He also designed the titanium Tripster ATR all-rounder that impressed us massively when we reviewed it here on last month. 

“Leaving a stable, well paid job running one of the best bike brands in the UK for a growing distributor may look crazy from the outside, it’s also pretty painful to leave the brand that I have worked on for so long, worried over every detail and have so many plans for,” said Dom. “But, I wonder what is worse, taking the chance to follow your dream or burying it and looking back in 30 years and thinking ‘what if?’”

“Now is the time to see if the dream can translate into reality.”

Details about Dom’s new project are scarce right now but if you want to find out about developments as they happen, head over to the Mason Progressive Cycles website and get your name on the mailing list. 

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