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Online bike auction site thanks Bob Crow for cycling boost

One day strikes open up a world of possibilities says spoof blog

As we’ve reported previously, the recent London Tube strikes have proved something of a boon to the Barclays Cycle Hire scheme as commuters seek alternative modes of transport around the capital.

In fact, the suggestion has been made that the Underground strikers are opening Londoners’ eyes to the ease and practicality of self-propelled surface travel and that some of those converts may make a permanent change to their commuting routines.

The bike buying and selling website, Going, Going Bike has picked up and run with the theme in a spoof five-point press release - or 'blog of support', as they call it - in which they thank Bob Crow, General Secretary of the RMT, one of the Unions behind the strike action.

The release suggests the one-day strikes are beneficial in a number of ways.

1 - Reconnect with your bike
No tubes. Buses are full. Taxis expensive. The tube strikes provide the perfect opportunity to get back on your bike and cycle to work. Cycling to work is one of the best ways to start the day. It’s also a great way to return home and leave the stress of the office behind you. So enjoy it (the forecast is good and perhaps don’t wait until the next strike to cycle to work.

2 - Meet the man/woman of your dreams
Commuters on the tube don’t talk to each other. Cyclists on their way to work do (see the Going Going Bike blog posting on flirting for further insights). Take the opportunity to speak to your fellow commuters and you never know who you might meet or where the chance encounter at London Bridge might take you.

3 - Enjoy coffee and art
Nude Espresso offered a free cup of coffee to anyone who cycled to work on Wednesday  November 3 and who cycled into their Roastery between 12pm and 3pm. The Nude Espresso Roastery is located at 91-95 Brick Lane in the Old Truman Brewery carpark behind 93 Feet East. After cycling to work a caffeine hit will perk you up for the afternoon and you can enjoy some of their award winning freshly roasted coffee! Nude Espresso are currently hosting the “God Spank the Queen” art exhibition so you can catch up on some culture too.

4 - More Boris Bikes
There’s not a Boris Bike to be had when there’s a tube strike in town. You can check out this site if you don’t believe us We reckon that the more tube strikes there are the more docking stations and bikes will be built around town. This is something we can also support.

5 - Excuse to arrive late and leave early
Tube strikes are a quasi-legitimate excuse for Londoners to arrive late at work and leave early. No matter whether you are cycling to work, live within a short walking distance of your office or take the main line train workers throughout the City are able to treat the tube-strike day differently. We can all be grateful to the strikers for this.


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