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#MyCyclingWeekend with Decathlon - Oh deer!

Who's won the Triban Winter Gloves then.....

Deary me...

While there were many photos of flooded roads and plenty of you were complaining about having to clean the road bike, no one ran into a problem like our winner.

With the lanes absolutely covered, avoiding the main roads means that the bikes are going to get rather mucky and I've certainly done cleaner cyclocross races than Saturday's ride.

But exploring the lanes away from the cars is worth it for a bit of cleaning. You've just got to watch out for the locals...

While out on his Sunday spin, Trevor came across a Roe deer with its young. Thankfully, the deer headed the other way which is good, because we doubt that lycra is great at fending off antlers travelling at speed!

Congrats Trevor, we'll be in touch.

Before we look forward to Friday and another chance to win, let's take a look at some of the best entries from the weekend.


Morning. Very crisp on this mornings cycle to work. #sunrise #sunrisephotography

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