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20 mph should be national default speed limit in residential areas, says Sustrans

Charity convinced cyclists in the capital would feel safer with traffic at lower speeds


Sustrans and other cycling campaigners have welcomed the news that the City of London plans to introduce 20 mph speed limits.

This week, the City of London court of common council voted for an area-wide 20 mph speed limit. which they said would improve safety and save lives in a critical part of the capital.

The court heard that an air quality impact report had proved there would be no negative effects from reducing the speed limit – only raising journeys by a maximum of 25 seconds.

Sustrans’ London Deputy Director, Matt Winfield, said: “A 20mph speed limit would save lives and make the streets in London’s city centre better places to walk, cycle and socialise.

“Slowing speeds also improves public health by allowing people to be more active, significantly reducing the burden on our health system.

“A 20mph limit is welcome wherever it is put in place across the country, but a postcode lottery where pedestrians and cyclists are safer in some areas than others is not acceptable – 20mph must become a national default speed limit.”

Jeremy Leach, 20's Plenty for Us London co-ordinator, said: ‘A 20mph City of London says strongly that 20's Plenty where people work. The City of London joins Paris and Tokyo in recognising that 20mph limits are better for business and health.

‘Other boroughs are watching the City's decision. More are expected to announce their own borough-wide 20mph limits soon.’

It's likely that the 20mph zone will be welcomed by cyclists rather more than the recent 'Handle Like Eggs' cycle safety video produced by the Cirty of London Corporation, which was widely panned by campaigners and riders.

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giff77 | 10 years ago

When trialled in parts of Edinburgh it was deemed successful enough to cause the city to apply it to the rest of the city. They saw a marked reduction in speeding without the use of speed bumps and the like. As Mercury says. If you have enough folk keeping to the limit that's your policing.

WolfieSmith | 10 years ago

The "It'll never be policed" argument is always wheeled out.

If I see it says 20mph I drive at 20mph. It pisses off the people behind but after years on the bike and years driving 30mph in a 30 mph area and being tailgated to go faster I get nothing but pleasure in obeying the new speed limit.

I imagine I'm not alone and there's your policing. Once a big enough percentage of drivers are travelling at 20mph everyone is travelling at 20mph. Er...Apart from me on my bike doing 22mph.  103

It's going to be effort free city cycling soon. We just wait for a car to come by and draft it Sainsburys.  4

Leviathan | 10 years ago

So I can go straight down the middle if I can sustain 32kph, you are on!
M'lord, I knew he was speeding when he rear ended me.

I love my bike | 10 years ago

Good news, but will this ever be policed, or just be the adding of new speed limit signs?

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