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What's the scariest thing that has ever happened to you on the bike? Plus cycling with your cat + more on episode 10 of the Podcast

Ever been out for a ride then found yourself being held up by an Uzi-toting bogus policeman? It's just one of the terrifying tales on this Halloween special edition of the Podcast!...

Double figures! We've made it to episode 10 of the Podcast in association with Cervélo, and as it's Halloween we thought we'd share some of our scariest cycling stories. There's also the less scary tale of Travis and his cat Sigrid, who have become a bit of a famous sight on the streets of London. 

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shimano crank failure - via HawkinsPeter on rodcc forum

The seeds for an episode discussing scariest moments on a bike were sewn after Pete posted on the forum about his crank failing mid-ride (see above). Thankfully he was ok, and this led to us asking our Instagram followers about their most frightning times on a bike. We were flooded with loads of excellent responses, and not all of them mechanicals... we're talking being held up by a bogus policeman with an Uzi in Kazakhstan before being accused of dealing drugs in Thailand, getting caught on a tree branch by the loop of your backpack and slowly choking, plus a very near miss with a lorry going downhill at 40mph. Discussing their scariest moments and reading out the highlights from our call-out are Jittery George Hill, Jack-O-Lantern Sexty, Monstrous Mat Brett and Jo Bloodcurdling Burt. 

After Emma Silversides tells us what improvements she'd like to see in Van Rysel's Quick-Zip cycling bib shorts following a disappointing experience, Jack and Screamin' Simon MacMichael chat to Travis Nelson, who has been melting hearts across the capital since he started riding with his feline companion Sigrid on the front of his faithful fixie. Find out what reaction Travis and Sigrid get when they're out together, and how riding with his cat has changed Travis' cycling. 

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