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Cycling app of the week: GeoCoach

Clock your rides, runs and camel riding pursuits all in one app...

What is it? 

Yes, we did say camel riding... it's one of the many activities you can log using GeoCoach, however cyclists will be glad to know it records time, speed, distance, elevation and pace much like any other GPS device. Geocoach refers to activities as 'tracks', and each track is stored on your timeline to be logged and compared for next time. You can sort your tracks by name, most recent, favourites or by location, and you can use metric or imperial measurements.  

​Geocoach's 'Pro' features, available all-in for £3.99 a year, allow you to export your activities on third-party apps like Strava and Training Peaks and also transfer them over to other devices. It also unlocks a 'race against your PB' feature, with real-time split time comparisons, progress bar and countdown timer. You can also set a Voice Coach to give you informative, if not slightly monotone announcements to keep you informed on average pace, speed and calories burned amongst other things at various intervals. 

How can it help me? 

The Race Against your PB feature is particularly nifty for giving you a good virtual kick up the behind should you feel yourself slacking off in a session that you want to at least match your previous best effort. For those who need even more digital encouragement, you might find the voice coach motivating!  


geocoach screen.png

Geocoach includes a pretty detailed number of metrics for a phone app, and even gives an estimated power measurement

What makes it unique? 

As previously alluded to, we've never seen another app where you can get your cycling, camel riding, Snowmobiling and car journeys logged all in one place - of course the metrics it gives you aren't specific to the activities, but it's nice that  they're all considered... 

The race against your PB with real-time comparison is a nifty feature that's better executed here than on other devices and apps with similar functions. 

Where can I can get it? 

Unfortunately for iPhone users Geocoach is only available on Android, it's free to download and then you have the option of paying the £3.99 a year for the extra features as an in-app purchase. 


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