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Friday night Rollapaluza: Legs like hummingbird wings…


Last Friday night fun and frolics downstairs at Bloomsbury bowling alley for the Rollapaluza roller racing event. To those unfamiliar with the event it is a cycle race on rollers, with individual and 2 person team competitions.

The rollers are connected to a giant dial which shows the distance covered by each bicycle. Up to 4 riders can race at any one time. It sounds rubbish, like watching a spinning class, but believe me, this is high energy racing and everybody is up for it and cheering on. Drink does help. Possibly.

There was a good turn out with event sold out and everybody arrives at the beginning of the evening with a fine array of fixed gear bikes and chains them up on the railing in front of the building.

Bowling, boozing and a little bit of boogying went on while cyclists with legs like humming birds wings buzzed away through the qualifying rounds. Go to the Rollapaluza website for results.

I filmed the men's individual final and the men's winning team against the all time fastest team (check the speed of the bloke who pedals first for the allstars) so you can get an idea of the super high cadence. I think this event is brilliant, especially during the wet months and I also admire the girl who won, racing in a full set of pearls (I could have put a joke in there but I thought better of it). See you at the next one.

The mens ALLSTARS versus the mens team winners.

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