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Back from sunny Spain

There is nothing better than a late winter holiday to get some sun on your bones and to get the motivation for cycling back.

I wasn't yearing too much for my bike whilst relaxing in Spain and then on a mountain drive back to the coast from Girona I saw it.

Simple white letters painted on a road to one of the peaks used in the Volta e Catalunya last summer.


That was all it took for my mind to start picturing the Team Columbia rider struggling with the gradient above the beautiful Spanish city. Most of the anglo speaking riders make that their summer home and with the roads around it, I can see why.

We crested the summit before dropping into a valley and looking back at the small mountains and Pyrenees. I wished the hired Ford KA had been my Bianchi.

The views were stunning and the feeling of excitement I felt looking forwards to the 2009 season proper was warming.

We will soon see the start of the classics, mini tours and then the grand tours. It is a brilliant season in prospect and I can't wait.

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Hammy | 15 years ago

You're not convincing me Jimmy,

It was much better over here we had rain, and wind, and sleet and all sorts of other character building weather.

Sunshine? That's so 2006

James Warrener replied to Hammy | 15 years ago

No way, I am feeling good about the weather for this summer !

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