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Commuter Diaries - weekly musings


What a glorious week of weather. You could tell things were good by the array and sheer number of Italian thoroughbreds on the road. Where were these super machines during the height of winter? My old Dawes work horse is looking haggard and paunchy in comparison. Still I like the fact it is British made; but I have to say, I will probably have to dust off my Specialized Allez Elite, just to compete! It’s pretty much an off the peg bike apart from the Saddle, but is svelte enough for my size. It’s great to see the variety and volume of bikes out there, long may it continue!

I rode home this evening on a permissive bridle way (touring wheels) which was fantastic! Am I allowed to ride on such a track; it seemed like a rambler’s route?

The fabled pump at work came in useful again; I guess the so called bullet proof tyres are no good against the hand to hand combat debris of the roads. I am going to have an experiment with different pressures this week as generally speaking I pump everything to 100psi for 700c and 65-80psi for 26” or tourer.


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