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Commuter Diaries - parked cars


Check out this picture, this is how close I came to going through a car door this evening!

It’s amazing how many people do not look when opening car doors. Is it possible to get Ben Hur like bar ends? Being tooled up for a ride is beginning to take on a new meaning.

To add insult to injury I also ran over a shard of glass which has shredded my front tyre (Bontrager X-lite AC in yellow – very fast), it looks like a Stella Sea Lion after a Great White Shark attack!

The debris on the roads is incredible, tomorrow I may revert back to my robust tourer, a great bike but it is a shame after cleaning my road bike at the weekend due to the unseasonably good weather.

Old tooth brush, muc-off and lube in hand, I cleaned all my bikes, the fear now is that they stop working!


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