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Check out Chris Hall's rainbow-chasing Cervelo Soloist: conquering the World Champs Project

The ultra-racer rode this bike connecting together all of the places in the UK that have held cycling world championship events

Chris Hall, the intrepid ultra cyclist, has never shied away from daring challenges. Known for his impressive challenges connected to the number 107, including the #107TDF project, where he conquered the Tour De France route riding 107 miles per day, Hall has now completed yet another awe-inspiring feat: the "World Champs Project."

Covering 1,100km, Hall embarked on this rainbow-infused journey from Goodwood to Glasgow on 28 July. He visited the four locations that have hosted the Road World Championships in the UK: Goodwood (1982), Leicester (1970), Liverpool (1922) and Harrogate (2019) before arriving in Glasgow, the host of this year's inaugural multi-discipline Cycling World Championships. 

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The ride was definitely not an easy one and made the completion an even bigger achievement. By completing this challenge, Hall was also raising money for Pace and Movember. 

The bike: Cervelo Soloist 2023

The bike that carried Hall throughout this momentous journey is the resplendent Cervelo Soloist 2023, glistening in a pompous golden hue. The frame is wrapped with a frame protector, safeguarding it from any potential scuffs.

Chris Hall Cervelo Soloist00003

The Reserve 50 wheels (which are discontinued) are adorned with purple Chris King hubs, and wrapped in Schwalbe Pro One 28mm tyres. The rims also have Reserve valves, aptly named Fillmore, for an easy tubeless setup. 

The cockpit on this Soloist is not the standard one that comes with this model. Instead, it's a more integrated, sleek cockpit that Cervelo uses on its R5, Caledonia 5 and Aspero 5 models.

Listing those models, you might be thinking that Hall would've been better off on the Caledonia 5 for this kind of challenge. He agreed himself, but said that the Soloist is a bike he currently enjoys riding a lot, so that's the machine he chose. After all, on long consecutive days of riding, you do need to like your bike. 

Back to the cockpit: the setup gives the bike a seamlessly integrated look, as it allows for fully concealed cables within the frame which optimises both aerodynamics and aesthetics.

The groupset on this bike is all Shimano. On the handlebars there are Ultegra Di2 12-speed shifters, with sprint shifters placed inside the handlebars. The front has a 50-34T chainset with an Ultegra power meter, while the rear has an 11-34T cassette. The pedals are Shimano Dura-Ace.


The sleek Gebiomized Sleak saddle ensures Hall's comfort during the rigorous journey. In preparation for unforeseen flats, a Schwalbe SOS pump and Dynaplug are discreetly tucked away near the bottle cages, ensuring Hall's self-sufficiency throughout the adventure.

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Hall doesn’t have much for carrying stuff, but the little top tube bag is from Tailfin and stores his tracker, and the tool roll under the saddle is from Attacus. The Supernova front light and Exposure Blaze rear light ensure visibility and safety during night rides (and in the rain, which Hall definitely encountered plenty of on the route).


The Garmin Edge 1040 Solar handles navigation and ride recording, while an additional Garmin 840 Solar acts as a backup, guarding against any potential technical mishaps.

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If you want to see how Hall's "World Champs Project" unfolded, you can watch his daily vlogs on his YouTube channel, and donate to Pace and Movember on the project website.  


[All photos by Jack Hague]

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