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Check out the most off-beat bike in the peloton: EF Pro Cycling’s Cannondale SuperSix EVO

Take a look at the impossible-to-ignore bike that Rigoberto Urán is riding this year, and find out why everything isn’t quite as it seems

If you’re looking for the most distinctive bike in the pro peloton, EF Pro Cycling’s Cannondale SuperSix EVO has to be in with a big shout. The one pictured belongs to none other than the super-talented Colombian Rigoberto Urán, a rider who has won stages in all three Grand Tours. Let's delve into what makes this bike stand out.

At the heart of things, EF Pro Cycling – which comprises the EF Education-EasyPost men’s team and the EF Education-Cannondale women’s team – use framesets from Cannondale. The SuperSix EVO has been one of the brand’s flagship models for many years, although the latest incarnation was launched in 2023.

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2024 EF Education Cannondale SuperSix HiMod - 2

All pics: Jered Gruber and Ashley Gruber, Gruber Images

The aero fork isn’t integrated into the down tube as it was before, and the head tube has been slimmed down for reduced drag. Inside, Cannondale uses what it calls a Delta Steerer which allows the bike’s brake hoses to run fully internally.

2024 EF Education Cannondale SuperSix HiMod - 4

The seatpost is slim and the seat tube tapers towards the bottom bracket, the idea being to improve both compliance and aerodynamic efficiency. Speaking of the BB, it’s threaded. Like Specialized and Trek (and a bunch of other brands), Cannondale has started to move back in this direction for simplicity and reliability.

Although Lab71 is emblazoned on the frame, the UCI frame sticker says CANN-S6HM, and that refers to the SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod rather than the SuperSix EVO Lab71.

2024 EF Education Cannondale SuperSix HiMod - 3

What’s the difference? Well, £1,000, for a start. A SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod frameset is £3,750 while a SuperSix EVO Lab71 frameset is £4,750. 

Cannondale described Lab71 as the “ultra-premium tier of performance products” when it was introduced last year. The SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod and the SuperSix EVO Lab71 framesets are built to the same geometries, and the tube shapes are identical too. The only difference is in the carbon layup. The Hi-Mod model, not surprisingly, uses high modulus carbon whereas the Lab71 model is made from what Cannondale describes as “Ultralight Series 0 Carbon”. As a result, the Lab71 is about 40g lighter.

Why isn’t Rigoberto Urán's bike the lighter version, then? The team can get down to the UCI’s 6.8kg minimum bike weight limit with the Hi-Mod version, so there’s no benefit in going for a lighter frameset. The mechanics would need to add weight elsewhere.

2024 EF Education Cannondale SuperSix HiMod - 5

Incidentally, riders from EF Pro Cycling also use a SystemSix aero road bike with Lab71 logos, despite there being no Lab71 version of this bike in existence. They’re on the standard SystemSix that has been around since 2018.

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In terms of the finish, Cannondale says that the bike “will again turn heads with its electrifying yellow accents intertwined among the team’s trademark pink colourway”.

It adds, “Look closely, and you’ll see a homage to the winding journey of life as a pro cyclist. The road is wide, narrow, short, long, straight, and curvy, but there’s always an end, just like the finish line on race day.”

Okay, if they say so. It’s certainly hugely distinctive, as EF Pro Cycling designs usually are. You can’t forget the Rapha + Palace EF clothing from last year, for example, or the bikes finished in recycled and excess paint from Cannondale’s custom paint shop. All this quirky stuff gets the team and its sponsors noticed and, ultimately, that's what pays the bills.

Rigoberto Urán’s bike is fitted with Cannondale’s SystemBar R-One, a carbon one-piece handlebar engineered with input from MOMODesign, a brand usually associated with motorsports. It’s designed for aerodynamics and weighs just 375g.

2024 EF Education Cannondale SuperSix HiMod - 6

The team uses Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupsets but with FSA (Full Speed Ahead) K-Force Team Edition chainsets – this bike is fitted with 54T and 40T chainrings – and Power2Max power meters.

2024 EF Education Cannondale SuperSix HiMod - 1

The wheels are Metron 60SLs from FSA’s Vision brand, the rear hub featuring a Helical Clutch ratchet with 72 teeth, meaning that it engages in 5° when the rider starts to pedal. The wheels are fitted with Vittoria Corsa Pro tyres – 28mm in this case, although the team uses 25mm too – run with Muc-Off tubeless valves.

Prologo provides the saddle and handlebar tape and the pedals come from Speedplay.

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The "most off beat" bike? Not sure I'd agree with Lidl-Treks bikes and Jaycos pretty wacky paint job are equally as distinctive

kil0ran | 4 months ago

I'm impressed by Jayco's explosion in a paint factory livery too - particularly considering Giant is usually very conservative with such things.

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