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Rate or hate? The 2022 team bikes of the pro peloton ranked and rated

There are some stunning bikes being ridden by the pros in 2022... but which ones do we love, and which bikes don't float our boat?

The pro peloton has some stunning bikes, but which looks the best? We’re going to be judging the bikes based on looks alone, but which ones do we rate and which do we hate? Let’s run through them, from the stinkers to our surprising favourite.

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Another year of bike racing is upon us and there have been some exceptionally busy mechanics readying bikes for the best riders in the world. We’ve been busy too, ranking the paint department’s efforts. 

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Did they do a good job with the crayons, or was it a bit of a Friday afternoon rush job?

Right, let’s get to the bikes, starting with the worst, though, we should preface this by saying that we’d happily ride any of the bikes here. And to be clear, this is a bit of a beauty pageant. The limiting factor isn’t going to be the bike when it comes to the actual races.

If you don’t agree with our choices, the comments section is waiting for your opinions.

Intermarché - Wanty - Gobert Matériaux - 2/10

Intermarche Cube Lightning C68 X

Sorry Cube, but while this is probably a very fast bike, it isn’t one that gets our hearts racing. There are a lot of harsh angles around the seat tube and we’re not quite sure how neon yellow has made it all the way through to 2022. 

Maybe someone in the design team really likes using their highlighter? Aside from that, the huge lettering on the downtube, forks and wheels is just a bit excessive.

Combine it with a kit that is plastered in logos and it’s not exactly winning us over. 

Bike Exchange - 3/10

GreenEdge Giant Propel

Can you see what wheels Bike Exchange is using? We can’t quite make it out.

The team’s Giants aren’t actually that bad, but you’re fighting an uphill battle when you combine those wheels with that kit. 

We'd also say that the blocky paint pattern is about as confused as the jersey. There are some similar paint jobs that score a lot better, it’s just that this one doesn’t really work. 

Moving on, we come to a collection of designs that are fine, but they’re just a bit meh.

Lotto Soudal - 5/10

Lotto Soudal Ridley Noah Fast

First up is Lotto’s Ridleys. Black. A bit of grey. There’s not a lot going on here, which is a shame, because Lotto has had some brilliant bikes in the past.

The one interesting this here is that the team have switched from Campagnolo to Shimano. We did see Caleb Ewan and Philippe Gilbert using modified shift lever setups, so the move might make it easier for the riders to shift gears when down in the drops as Shimano offers its popular sprinter satellite shift buttons. 

Trek Segafredo Men's - 6/10

Trek Segafredo Trek Madone 2022

Next up is Trek, and we’re talking about the men’s team here. What are lovely bikes are let down by the use of maximum font size on the downtube. Plus the women’s kit and bike designs are nicer, but we’ll get to them in a bike. 

We will give a little tip of the hat to the classic drops on that bike. 

Jumbo Visma - 6/10

Jumbo Visma Cervelo R5 2022 2

Then we come to Jumbo Visma’s Cervelos. They haven’t really changed from last year and, well, it’s a little bit of a boring design for some of the most exciting riders in the world. Come on, you’ve got Vos and Van Aert on these bikes, they should match their riding style. 

Team DSM - 6/10

DSM Scott (Addict Patrick Brunt Team DSM)

DSM is another team that hasn’t really changed its bikes and again, this is pretty unoffensive but doesn’t exactly make you go wow.

Bora-Hasgrohe - 6/10

Bora Hansgrohe S-Works SL7 2

Part of the collection of ok bikes are the two Specialized SL7s in the men’s world tour this year. Bora and Quick Step rather quiet designs this year, with Bora getting a smart black to green frame while Quick-Step have this interesting navy blue finish that is lighter in spots depending on where the light hits it. Seeing as Bora has one of the nicest kits in the peloton this year, theirs is particularly dull.

Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl  - 6/10

2022 Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL7 Julian Alaphilippe  - 1.jpg

Quick-Step’s might well be better in the flesh, but seeing as the bike will set you back a cool 13K, most of us will only ever be able to gaze at this through a screen.

We're also a bit disappointed that Specialized hasn’t done anything special for Cav. And Alaphilippe’s bike is quite quiet too. It seems like a case of opportunities missed from Specialized. 

Alpecin Fenix - 7/10

Alpecin Fenix Canyon Aeroad 2022

Alpecin has basically got the same design as last year which, when you see our winner, might make you think that the design department did one early in the week and then Alpecin’s on the Friday afternoon.

We're surprised that Van der Poel doesn’t get a tastier paint job. He had a lovely bike for the Olympic MTB race, but maybe when it comes to his road machine he prefers simplicity? It is at least a very pro-looking white design.

AG2R Citroen - 7/10

BAB AG2R BMC Team Bike 4

On a similar note, AG2R’s bikes are very refined. One of the only teams to be using Campagnolo this year and those wheels are lovely. 

Movistar - 7/10

Movistar 2022 Canyon Aeroad CFR

Onto Movistar now and there is a bit going on here with a blue middle with a hard line above it and a fade below.

But it does work and you’ll find the same bike being ridden by the men’s and women’s team. 

Cofidis - 7/10

2022 De Rosa Merak Cofidis - 1

Cofidis has their DeRosa bikes back for 2022 and the design is kinda interesting. What makes this for us is the kit. That’s got to be up there with the best we’ve ever seen from Cofidis.

Funnily enough, all they had to do was drop the weird sun and the red shorts. Massive improvements and a worthy 7.

Astana - 7/10

2021 Tour de France Astana WIlier Zero SLR - 1

Astana now and here’s a big case of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Wiliers of 2021 were lovely and we’re quite happy to see them back again.

Interesting to see that they’ve got the latest 12-speed Dura-Ace shifters, brakes and derailleurs, but that the chainsets are the older power meter models. With the CeramicSpeed pulley wheel system there too, it’d suggest that they’re buying the groupsets in.

That’s got to be a rather pricey upgrade across the whole team.

Bahrain-Merida - 8/10

Merida Scultura V Team RCCR

Bahrain’s design is one that we really like. The reddy orange on the headtube transitions into black through a block pattern that matches the team kit and it is well executed. I think this is the first of our 8s

Ineos Grenadiers - 8/10

Ineos Grenadiers Pinarello Dogma F 2022

Also getting an 8 is Ineos’ effort. The red into navy blue really works and even better is Carapaz’s Olympic champs bike. 

Carapaz Dogma F Credit Ineos

We really just like it because it is shiny but we also really like the lines on the Dogma F. Nice looking race bike that.

Trek-Segafredo Women's - 8/10

Trek Segafredo Women's Emonda

Netting a much better score than the men’s bike is the bike of the Trek-Segafredo Women’s team. Same bike, same components, but, in our eyes, a much nicer colour scheme.

We’ve preferred the women’s kit and bikes for a few years now when it comes to Trek. But they don’t escape the maximum font size. A solid 8.

Groupama FDJ - 8/10

Groupama-FDJ Lapierre

Groupama FDJ is as French as they come and their approach to National Champions jerseys is the best. 

Back to the bike and we love the classy design and the use of white tape. Triple triangle frames aren’t our favourite though. It’s good enough for an 8.

Team UAE - 8/10 / UAE Team ADQ - 9/10

UAE Colnago V3Rs (Credit A.Broadway/

This next bike will likely be doing a lot of winning this year. Ok, the paintwork isn’t the most interesting, but this is a Colnago draped in Campagnolo and it spins on the Bora Ultras. You just can’t get any classier than that.

Team UAE ADQ Colnago V3Rs Disc 1

Pogacar will probably win the Tour on rim brakes again too, which the purist in me loves. It’s an 8 for this one, but we’re giving a 9 for the women’s bike. Now that is a stunning bike.

Bit of a shame that an oil state can’t find the budget to get the women’s team the EPS groupset though.

Israel Premier Tech - 9/10

Israel Premier Tech Factor Ostro VAM 2022

If you’re going to do a mostly black bike, this is how you do it. Hint hint, Cube. Israel Premier Tech’s Factor Ostro VAM is not only a brilliant bike to ride, it looks amazing. That bare carbon base is lovely…

EF Easy-Post - 10/10

EF Easy-Post Cannondale Supersix 2022

Cannondale has once again crushed it with the crayons. This is fresh, interesting and we want it. We have never wanted to be pro cyclists more than we do now, though it would mean having to wear the green shorts…

Eolo Kometa - 10/10

Eolo Kometa Aurum

Another stunner is the Aurum bike of Eolo Kometa. This pearlescent white might not be great for around here, but if you spend your winter training in Southern Spain and have a mechanic to wash your bike after races, it really works.

We love the shiny SRAM red groupset and the Enve wheels finish it off. If we were being picky, we’d have black decals on the wheels.

But tan walls make up for it.

Canyon SRAM - 10/10

Canyon SRAM Canyon Aeroad CFR

Saving the best for last, we weren’t actually going to have a favourite, but this is just too good. It’s the Canyon Aeroad of Canyon//Sram.

This not only complements the kit that is lovely, but it is also, by itself, a stunning design. It is interesting, the colours are great and we can see it being a design that stands the test of time.

Which bike is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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ColinCampbell | 2 years ago

I like the UAE ADQ paint job!  I think it beats all the others by a mile.

And since I have a V3Rs frame on order, I like the bike, too!

brinyboo | 2 years ago

Here we are, rating super bikes by their livery; where once we built them up. I recall replacinr simplex and mafac components with nouvo and super record a little bit at a time. A campy SR group complete cost but little in real terms, but little was about all we had 45 years ago.

That said, it was possible to build a bike as nice as hinault's or merckx's. The standards were standard, the maintenance was straight forward, replacement parts largely interchangeable. Pro quality bikes, with 2 or 3 sets of self built wheels, cotton sewups and free wheels for $1500. Cheers

Rendel Harris replied to brinyboo | 2 years ago
1 like

$1500 in 1978 is equivalent to around $7000 today, which, while admittedly it won't get you a GT bike, still buys a pretty special, second-string pro level, machine. Considering the advanced tech that now goes into GT bikes (electronic gearing, carbon frames and wheels etc) I'd say the value wasn't much different. What was top banana when I started out mid-80s (Reynolds 753 or Columbus (can't remember the top number) frame with Dura Ace and Mavic wheels) was just as unattainable then for me as these superbikes are now!

Miller | 2 years ago

A favourite of mine is the white AG2R BMCs with the red accents. Looks fierce.

jpj84 | 2 years ago

It is an EPS group on the women's UAE bike isn't it?

Miller replied to jpj84 | 2 years ago

jpj84 wrote:

It is an EPS group on the women's UAE bike isn't it?

The front mech is EPS, certainly, but I'm not sure the rear mech is. The image is probably photoshopped to hell. Lovely paint job though.

KRSL64 | 2 years ago

Rate or Hate.  Really?  Isn't there enough hate in the world already?

check12 | 2 years ago

Rate or Hate? A career at the sun / Mail awaits you 

mdavidford | 2 years ago

Pretty uniformly uninspiring really.

kenyond | 2 years ago
1 like

Bahrain-Merida's offering is very nice, apart from the white logo! I'm a massive fan of orange in to black, heck I resprayed my current bike in the colour way!

wickedstealthy | 2 years ago

Factor check, Canyon Women check, Colnago Women check but please remove that ugly UAE logo. The rest ? Plastered with screaming white logos. Always ugly

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