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Made in China: a guide to the Yoeleo wheels range

Find out how you can save yourself a packet by buying from this Chinese manufacturer that doesn't scrimp on quality

What’s the holy grail of aftermarket bike upgrades? Something that’s high quality and high performance? Of course. Something that’s easy to research, choose and buy? Naturally. Something that offers fantastic value, too? That’s even better. But all that’s difficult to find – especially if you’ve been looking for your upgrades in the normal places.

The term ‘Made in China’ means something very different these days compared with 20 or 30 years ago. From smartphones and electric vehicles to cutting-edge innovations in the realms of holograms or augmented reality, in the 21st century the Eastern powerhouse is known for manufacturing technologically-advanced products that are truly world-leading.

2022 Yoeleo detail - 1

However, it’s still the case that many Chinese cycling product makers are mainly original equipment manufacturers, called OEMs. This means they make their products on behalf of – and badged as – other more established names.

For Chinese bike experts Yoeleo, though, in 2011 it was a case of OEM no more. Having spent years producing carbon-fibre components for better-known cycling brands, Yoeleo decided that all its research, innovation and production expertise could be put to better use as a direct-to-customer manufacturer. By striking out alone, it could offer customers across the world an easy, online way to buy the best new cycling kit without the extra layers of profit, and therefore cost, demanded by global brands, distributors and retailers.

A new name you can trust

Yoeleo might be a relatively new name in the world of global bike brands, but it’s a brand founded on more than 15 years of cycle component manufacturing and more than a decade as a standalone entity. It knows how to make high-performance bikes and components. It has built up a worldwide distribution network to get its products quickly and conveniently to customers in 110 countries, with Revolution Wheels distributing here in the UK. Yoeleo also knows how to offer the absolute best value in terms of your cycling investment.

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One vital ingredient in this is Yoeleo’s dedication to design and quality and some incredible performance-enhancing innovation. For example, the SAT technology featured in all the wheels we will look at here utilises a rim design that foregoes spoke holes on the tyre bed. This means the carbon weave in the rims can remain undamaged, resulting in a 30% increase in wheel strength, 10% increase in inflation capacity, while the eradication of the need to use rim tape saves 15g per wheelset.

Design is nothing without quality control, though, and that’s where Yoeleo excels. Its wheels go through a vertical stiffness test, a torsion test, a spoke tension test, a high-temperature resistance braking test, 1000km of road condition simulation testing, a double stress relief process to reduce the need for wheel trueing, and an impact test that exceeds the requirement of the International Cycling Union, the UCI. In short, as well as being light and fast, Yoeleo’s wheels are wheels you can trust.

Wonder wheels (and more)

In this article, we’re going to look at Yoeleo’s impressive range of after-market upgrade wheels, but the brand also makes everything from handlebars and bottle cages, to frames and full bikes.

2022 Yoeleo action - 1

For example, the new G21 high-modulus carbon-fibre gravel bike frameset is a particular highlight, with full internal cable routing, enhanced aero performance, superb compliance on rough surfaces, and massive practical potential with massive tyre clearance and a raft of mounts.

2022 Yoeleo handlebar - 1

While all this is fantastic kit that has been informed by incredible specialist cycling knowledge and experience, Yoeleo’s wheels are something truly special. Using high-quality T800 carbon fibre allied with cutting-edge design, Yoeleo’s wheels have the potential to revolutionise your bike’s performance.

2022 Yoeleo hub - 1

For 2022, the PRO series of road wheels also comes with an all-new hub ratchet system with 52 teeth for higher engagement and precision, lighter weight and lasting performance. And because all Yoeleo’s road wheelsets are UCI approved, you can take them to any race confident that you’ll face no problems whether in the event itself or when an official is checking your kit is good to go.

The buying experience FAQ

There’s no point lusting after a great product if the rest of the buying experience is a disappointment. Yoeleo’s comprehensive buying experience has been designed to offer ultimate peace of mind for customers. Here’s why:

What kind of warranty is provided? There’s a three-year warranty with additional two years on demand on top of that. Yoeleo also offers a crash replacement programme.

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How easy is it to return wheels? Wheels can be returned to a local distributor in each country – for a full list of worldwide Yoeleo distributors click here

What is servicing like? Yoeleo wheels require tool-less maintenance. Simply open the wheel cap, clean and degrease the internal component, re-apply grease, put the component back in, and it’s good to go for miles.

Will customers be hit with import taxes and duties? In the case of European countries, tax is prepaid and included in the price. That includes the UK, with Yoeleo's UK distributor Revolution Wheels taking care of all import duty and VAT when importing Yoeleo products from China. 

Are the wheels the real deal? Yes! These are high-end, top-quality wheels at an unbelievably reasonable price. They’re even good enough that they are used by the Yoeleo-sponsored Cykeln Italian cycling team.

Yoeleo Road PRO Series

The Road PRO series of wheels is Yoeleo’s awesome rim brake-specific option, available in four rim depths: 38mm (C38 model), 50mm (C50), 60mm (C60) and super deep-section 88mm (C88).

Each version features a U-shaped T700 carbon-fibre rim allied with either Yoeleo’s own 220 SP Ratchet System hubs or, for a little extra, DT Swiss 240 EXP hubs.

Each PRO wheel features a high-temperature resin and 1K carbon braking track with two pairs of ceramic brake pads, two black titanium QR skewers, two valve extenders and two extra spokes included.

All PRO series ‘C’ wheels will accept clincher or tubeless tyres, however, there is also a T50 PRO model that will take tubular tyres.

Tube compatibility Presta
Rider weight limit C38, C50 and T50: 105kg (231lb) / C60 and C88: 115kg (242lb)
Max tyre pressure C PRO Series: 125psi (8.6bar) / T50 180psi (12.4bar)
Warranty 3 years
Certification UCI approved

Wheelset prices and weights (both wheels combined, 25mm rims, Yoeleo hubs)

2022 Yoeleo C38 Pro - 1

C38 PRO $879, 1490g 

2022 Yoeleo C50 Pro - 1

C50 PRO $899, 1540g 

T50 PRO $829, 1380g 

2022 Yoeleo C60 Pro - 1

C60 PRO $929, 1640g 

2022 Yoeleo C88 Pro - 1

C88 PRO $999, 1980g 

Perfect for: Riders who value the classic rim brake aesthetic without compromising anything in terms of ultimate performance.

Yoeleo Road DB PRO Series

For riders that want the extra assurance and stopping ability of disc brakes, Yoeleo has created the fantastic DB PRO Series. As with the PRO rim brake series, the DB PRO range comes in four rim depths: 38mm (C38 model), 50mm (C50), 60mm (C60) and super deep-section 88mm (C88).

Again, a U-shaped rim is used, although with these disc-specific models it is made from T800 carbon fibre. Due to the provision of disc brakes, there is also a slight change in terms of hub choice, with either Yoeleo 230 SP Ratchet System hub or DT Swiss 240 EXP hubs available.

All DB PRO series ‘C’ wheels will accept clincher or tubeless tyres, and there is also a T50 DB PRO model that will take tubular tyres.

Tube compatibility Presta
Rider weight limit C38, C50 and T50: 105kg (231lb) / C60 and C88: 115kg (242lb)
Max tyre pressure C PRO DB Series: 125psi (8.6bar) / T50 PRO DB 180psi (12.4bar)
Warranty 3 years
Certification UCI approved

Wheelset prices and weights (both wheels combined, 25mm rims, Yoeleo hubs)

2022 Yoeleo C38 DB Pro - 1

C38 DB PRO $879, 1420g 

2022 Yoeleo C50 DB Pro - 1

C50 DB PRO $899, 1490g 

T50 DB PRO $829, 1383g 

2022 Yoeleo C60 DB Pro - 1

C60 DB PRO $929, 1560g 

2022 Yoeleo C88 DB Pro - 1

C88 DB PRO $999, 1980g 

Perfect for: Cyclists who need complete strength and security on the road, whatever the challenges or conditions.

Yoeleo Gravel DB PRO Series

Of course, not all riders want to be restricted to the confines of the road, and Yoeleo has the perfect answers for cyclists who yearn to leave the asphalt behind. The C35, C45 and C50 DB PRO wheelsets offer all the multi-terrain performance any rider could ask for thanks to their T800 carbon-fibre rims that have been designed to accept chunkier tyres up to 47mm wide.

Clincher or tubeless tyres can be fitted, with lower tyre pressures of 90psi allowing for enhanced grip and reduced risk of punctures.

The Gravel DB PRO Series comes with the choice of Yoeleo 230 SP Ratchet System or DT Swiss 240 EXP hubs, and extra spokes and valve extenders all come included.

Tube compatibility Presta
Rider weight limit C35, C45 and C50: 105kg (231lb)
Max tyre pressure C PRO DB Series: 90psi (6.2bar)
Warranty 3 years
Certification UCI approved

Wheelset prices and weights (both wheels combined, 25mm rims, Yoeleo hubs)

2022 Yoeleo C35 Gravel - 1

C35 DB PRO Gravel $879, 1476g 

C45 DB PRO Gravel $899, 1556g 

C50 DB PRO Gravel $929, 1518g

For more info on the entire Yoeleo range head over to

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