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What are the staff at getting for Christmas? Find out what's in Santa's cargo bike for some superb cycling-themed gift ideas

Stuck for what to get a cyclist this Christmas? We sent Santa out to deliver pressies from 13 great brands, and with prices ranging from £20-£380 there is something for all budgets and type of cyclist!

This article contains paid promotion on behalf of Bryton, DaySaver, Lezyne, Frog Bikes, DMR, Tubolito, Altura, Cateye, Cycology, Rouvy, Gtechniq, Angry Pablo and icTrainer. 

It turns out that sometimes, cyclists can be quite hard to buy Christmas presents for! We know this because as begins winding down after another busy year, we’ve been out buying presents for the staff as a reward for all their hard(ish) work. Stick around as our cycling Santa* delivers some marvellous cycling gifts to lucky staffers. Hopefully, you'll get a few bright ideas for the cyclist in your life, or for your own Christmas list.

2023 Christmas video Santa riding cargo bike Tern GSD

With the 'sleigh', a Tern GSD, out on the open road and the route plotted, it's time to start Santa's gift-giving mission... 

Bryton Rider S800E GPS: £339.99

2023 Christmas video Bryton 800 cycle computer

To ensure Father Christmas avoids getting lost this year, the Bryton Rider 800 bike computer can assist him in navigating between the chimneys, making sure he's back before dinner. 

The 800 has a big 3.4" colour display, which is excellent for maps, and it's also got an impressive 36-hour battery life. 

There are loads of other cool features too. The Bryton Rider 800 bike computer informs you about upcoming climbs, allowing efficient management of our sleigh's battery, and notifications and messages can be received directly from the computer. Voice commands can even be used to get a route to a new location.  

2023 Christmas video Bryton 800 cycle computer maps

If Father Christmas happens to be reading this (or any cyclist for that matter) and is looking for a new bike computer, then the other main feature of interest is probably the seamless recording. It’ll pick up where you left off no matter how long you stop to eat mince pies at someone's house for, even if the computer powers off. Joking aside, that is very useful for an out-and-back commute.

Now that Santa is sorted, it's time to swing by the office to deliver our first gift to someone on the team...  

DaySaver Multitool Essential8: $49 (~£39) 

2023 Christmas video multitool Daysaver Essential 8

Emerging first from Santa's bulging sack is a multitool - a Daysaver Multitool Essential 8 to be precise - with eight functions, as the name suggests. 

It weighs just 33 grams, and is designed to reach any screw. It even has a short end (43mm) and a long end (93mm) so ham-fisted home mechanics like our tech editor Mat don't go overtightening bolts. 

It's also made of hardened stainless steel, and the bits are held in with Neodymium magnets to reduce the risk of losing any.

Frog Bikes Frog 40 first pedal bike: £380

2023 Christmas video Frog first rider kids bike

This one is for the next generation of bike riders, and is an award-winning Frog Bikes 40 first pedal bike suitable for kids from 3 to 4 years. We’ve gone for Tour de France yellow but there are also electric blue, green, orange, pink or spotted red colourways depending on what your cycling youngster prefers. 

It's certainly light so will be easy for parents to carry, and we should point out that the mudguard, bell and reflectors are included. It's even got its own little cranks for better pedalling efficiency. You might even struggle to keep up!

Lezyne Zecto Drive 250+ and Zecto Drive 200+ pair: £78

2023 Christmas video Lezyne light set

Next up is a quality pair of bike lights, the Zecto Drive 250+ and Zecto Drive 200+ from Lezyne. 

Despite weighing just 50g each, these kick out a decent punch. The rear one lasts up to 35 hours and the front lasts 40 hours, and with an IPX7 waterproof rating, they'll keep on kicking even in the grimmest of conditions.

DMR Sidekick balance bike: £210

2023 Christmas video DMR Sidekick balance bike kids

For budding kids just beginning their journey on a bike, we can't get enough of this DMR Sidekick balance bike!

Not only does it look cool, but it's designed with stability in mind to give young ones the confidence they need for maximum enjoyment and skill development.

The mullet-style wheelset creates easier rollover, as the larger 14" front wheel rolls over bumps and is less likely to stall or upset the steering. The grips are specifically designed for small hands, there's been no skimping in the tyre department and there are even disc brake mounts, so at a later date you can teach your speed freaks the art of slowing down.

Tubolito X-Tubo-CX Gravel 60mm: €29.95 (~£26) 

2023 Christmas video Tubolito CX/Gravel

Back to the gifts for grown-ups, and we've got something that will save space whether you're a gravel or CX racer, adventure rider or just choose to commute on wider tyres. 

The Tubolito gravel tubes fold up nice and small, making them convenient to carry in your bag or back pocket. They're designed with X-Tubo technology to provide maximum puncture protection against anything you might encounter while out on the gravel bike. 

They're available in widths of 32-50mm and weigh just 131g, which represents a significant weight saving over their butyl counterparts. This gravel offering has increased robustness, and Tubolito are so confident that they give a one-year warranty against any flats.

You can currently get 20% off all orders on Tubolito's website using the code xmas20. It's valid until December 10th, so make sure you take advantage if you've got your eye on these. 

Altura Ridge Dirt Bag: £25

2023 Christmas video Altura Dirt bag

You might be wondering why you'd want a bag you can put dirt in, but Altura's Ridge Dirt Bag is a lightweight solution for carrying and storing wet and muddy kit. It also doubles up as a changing mat to keep your feet clean and dry when you get back to the car after a mucky trail ride. 

It's comfy to wear too thanks to the 10mm foam padded base, and it's made of TPU polyester. This stuff is extremely durable, waterproof and easily wiped clean.

It even has a loop on it to clip your helmet to. So, if you're looking for a cheap and cheerful present for a rider who can't be tied down, then this is well worth a look.

Cateye AMPP 500 / VIZ 150 bike light set: £64.99

2023 Christmas video Cateye light set

Cateye's AMPP 500 and VIZ 150 bike light set is extremely good value, and should get you seen even in the bleakest of riding conditions. 

As the name suggests, the front light kicks out 500 lumens and the rear one 150 lumens. Both lights have four modes: high, low, daytime hyper constant and flashing. The lights are both rechargeable and have an IPX4 rating. 

'Tis the season to improve your visibility!

Cycology shoe covers: £25

2023 Christmas video cycology over shoes 1

The next two gifts are from the same brand - Cycology - who have been making their distinctive range of design-based cycling clothing and accessories for 11 years now. 

All of their designs are hand-drawn or painted, so each one is totally original and unique. As well as being fun, we've also got it on good authority that they’re very comfortable. 

2023 Christmas video cycology overshoes 2 close up

Up first are Cycology's shoe covers, which are aerodynamic, windproof, waterproof, and there’s even a light brushed lining for warmth on chilly days like this. There's also a bit of reflective detailing on the rear, and they're pretty easy to clean too.

Cycology performance boxer briefs: £20 

2023 Christmas video Cycology boxers

Boxers for Christmas is just a classic, and Cycology's performance boxer briefs are a not-so-subtle way of sneaking in another bike-related gift. 

As well as the unique designs, they have flatlock seams, and the 84% recycled polyester/16% spandex material is not only lightweight, but also stretchy, breathable and moisture-wicking. 

Rouvy: $149/year (~£118/year) 

2023 Rouvy Christmas guide image

One less present to wrap this year is a Rouvy subscription, so that the cyclist in your life can continue to train consistently through the harsh British winter. 

Rouvy is an indoor cycling app, and it has been completely revamped in the last few months. Even if it’s not sunny until next August, there are plenty of realistic and immersive video courses to ride, with over 1,300 virtual routes from around the world.

Rather than paying $149 up front, there is also a monthly subscription option for $14.99 a month, or discounted group rates if you have some family members or mates who want to join in the fun. We also have a video coming to the channel soon looking at all the changes, so stay tuned for that one!

Lezyne Mega Drive 2400+ LED Front Light: £180

2023 Christmas video Lezyne 2400+ front bike light

if you're looking for a bigger present that has the potential to revolutionise night rides and quite literally extend riding time, then how about this Lezyne Mega Drive 2400+ with a lumen count of (you guessed it) 2400.

The 2400+ is the most powerful in the Lezyne lineup, delivering over 2 hours of run time in its max setting. 

This super bright light is sure to light up whatever road, gravel track or singletrack you point your front wheel at!

Gtechniq Bike Ceramic: £55

2023 Christmas video GTechniq bike ceramic

Gtechniq's Bike Ceramic is a ceramic coating that will keep your biking looking fresh for years to come. You simply wipe it onto your bike, and it will protect it as well as help to keep it clean. Bike Ceramic will not only repel dirt and road grime, but also make the bike much easier to clean.

This stuff chemically bonds to your bike, and Gtechniq claims that it will offer 24 months of protection.

If you or someone you know wants to take their bike care to the next level, this is one of the best ways to ensure that your valuable pride and joy looks its absolute best.

Tubolito S-Tubo road 60mm black: €34.95 (~£30) 

2023 Christmas video Tubolito S-Road

Next up are some super small and light tubes, that might stop your mates from beating you up the climbs, and also leave more room in your back pockets for mid-ride snacks. 

Weighing only 24g, they are considerably lighter than butyl tubes and offer very low rolling resistance. If you're looking to go fast, save weight or save space, then they are the way to go. 

And don't forget, you can currently get 20% off all orders on Tubolito's website using the code xmas20. The code is valid until 10th December, don't miss out!

Angry Pablo EarthTone All-Purpose Padded Gilet: £150

2023 Christmas video Angry Pablo padded gillet

This gift idea is from Angry Pablo, a brand that you might not have heard of before. What a name!

Their new Earthtone padded gilet is designed here in the UK and manufactured in Italy. It’s ultra lightweight, with windproof padded material on the front and breathable mesh on the back.

2023 Christmas video Angry pablo padded gillet earthtone

It’s also easily stowable, which is great for evening rides in the spring when you make it halfway around and then absolutely freeze. 

icTrainer: £19.49/year 

2023 IC Trainer screen indoor training app

Another present you don't need to wrap up this year is a subscription to icTrainer, which promises to be a cost-effective way of reaching new cycling fitness heights. 

All you need to do is go to, or download the app from the app store, and you'll have access to all your live data from your paired sensors. Enjoy music that matches the cadence of your workout, video chat with your friends, stream movies while training and even use it offline in case your Wi-Fi acts up. 

There's also an extra present for readers of this article, because if you want to try the software then you can sign up before the end of January using the voucher code CCV23 for 60 days free. Merry Christmas, and hopefully this gift will lead to a fitter and faster new year!

Let us know which of these presents you’d most like to find under your tree in the comments section below...

*Yes it's Dave in a budget Santa suit, but the real one wasn't available until next week unfortunately!

Emily is our track and road racing specialist, having represented Great Britain at the World and European Track Championships. With a National Title up her sleeve, Emily has just completed her Master’s in Sports Psychology at Loughborough University where she raced for Elite Development Team, Loughborough Lightning.

Emily is our go-to for all things training and when not riding or racing bikes, you can find her online shopping or booking flights…the rest of the office is now considering painting their nails to see if that’s the secret to going fast…

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