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Cycling with a little less stress: why you need to review your bike insurance this spring

If you have lots of cycling planned for the warmer months, it’s good to have some peace of mind. Laka can give you a helping hand, with a team of cyclists who have your back

Though the unseasonably warm weather and sunshine of recent weeks appears to have finally subsided, there’s no denying that spring has certainly sprung. In the shed finally goes the bruised and battered winter bike, to be replaced by the sparkling, as-new summer bike, fresh from its hibernation. The racing season is now no longer just on our screens, but on local roads and at the club ten as well.

The better weather (fingers crossed!) also invariably results in more outdoor miles, perhaps covered in haste as the cycling holiday booked for Easter looms ever closer on the horizon.

So, with spring now well underway and your ‘good’ road bike cleaned and ready to go, it may be worth rethinking your bike insurance.


Specialist bicycle insurance, such as that offered by the collective cycle insurance company Laka, will cover you as you return to long training miles, sportives, racing or even travelling with your bike during the coming months.

As a collective, Laka doesn’t charge a fixed sum. Instead of paying at the beginning of the month for what damages an insurer projects might happen, Laka charges at the end of the month for what actually happened. Your contributions are based on the collective’s total claims for that month, up to a max capped amount.

If you need to make a claim, everything is handled by their in-house team of real cyclists, to ensure that you have the expert advice required in your moment of need.

As well as of course covering the theft of your bike(s), helmet, clothing, GPS and any other gear you may have, Laka also provides specialist cover for any cyclist heading into the longer days and warmer climes:

Accidental damage

With more miles comes the greater possibility of accidents. While springs brings the possibility of nicer weather, seasonal showers and wet roads can be treacherous. If you’re involved in a crash or traffic accident, Laka’s insurance covers you for any accidental damage to your bike and accessories. And if someone intentionally breaks your bike or gear, they’ll get it fixed or replaced as soon as possible.

Laka’s coverage is also fully flexible, and suited to the seasonal habits of bike riders – its rolling monthly contracts allow you to insure your summer bike only for the months it is actually used, before removing it during the winter when it’s stuck in the shed.

The return of racing

Whether you race at a professional or national level, or if you’re a fourth cat who enjoys taking part in the local club ten, Laka will cover you for any damage sustained during races. Sportives are also included in your policy, as well as transition areas during triathlons, making sure all your racing and leisure riding needs are covered.

Cycling holidays
Riding to the Stelvio the gravelly bit.jpg

Planning your annual cycling holiday to Mallorca or somewhere else sunny and mountainous this Easter? If you plan on bringing your bike with you, Laka will cover you if the airline loses any of your gear, or if it gets damaged in transit, and will provide any emergency travel expenses. Your gear is also covered around the world for up to 120 consecutive days, by which point all your winter training should have finally paid off on the Sa Calobra.

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