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Oakley? Meh

I'll start by saying that I have been a loyal Oakley customer and a fan of their products for 30 years, buying my first M Frames back in 1992. Since then I have spent thousands on Oakley products, have owned dozens of pairs of sunglasses.

Luxottica bought them, the quality dropped as they became mass produced, and didn't have the wacky limited editions any more, but I stayed loyal to the brand.

I have had a number of expensive pairs which have developed faults, the common one being the coatings flaking off the lenses, and lenses cracking where they have been tightend in the metal frames. I currently have a pair of titanium frame Gauge 6 which are four years old, live in the soft bag in a hard case in the car and are worn about once a month, as I rarely drive and it's usually pissing down when I do! The coatings are peeling from those, and they cost almost £300.

I have just placed an order via their website for some new Sutro Sweep cycling glasses, replacement lenses for some scratched Radar EV, spare nosepieces and a case. I received a confirmation email, later on when I checked the order status it said to call customer care. This I did, was told the order had failed and no monies were taken, and advised to plce the order again, so I did, received a confirmation email, the same thing happened, so back on the phone to Oakley in Italy, explained and was told both orders had failed, could I place it for a third time? I refused, and asked why the initial order could not be 'unfailed'? Sorry, can't do that. So I said forget it. A few hours later I received a call from the manager who had told me the orders had failed, that BOTH orders had now gone through and were being shipped!!! She didn't seem to understand that I didn't want duplicate orders, in the end after much discussions I told her to cancel both orders and refund me in full. Later on I call my bank to see what was happening regarding the monies taken, and found out they had taken FOUR payments!!

The manager was very apologetic, stopped the orders but so far although I've been assured that the payments back to me have been actioned, no refunds as yet.

I was offered 50% off my next order via their website, as a 'goodwill gesture' but that won't happen as I have absolutely no faith in their website any more.

The cock up after cock up has really given me a huge amount of stress, especially as I am recovering from major life saving surgery and have recently returned to work after over six months off. 

This has completely put me off dealing with Oakley again ever. I knew the glasses weren't anywhere near as good as they used to be, so maybe this has been a good thing to make me stop buying them? I told my optician about this episode, he said they used to buy a hell of a lot of stock from Luxottica but refuse to deal with them now as they are so bad, and arrogant.

Looking on Trustpilot, I was amazed at the poor reviews, they are actually rated as 'Bad' on there, with 84% giving 1 star only.

Has anyone else had poor dealings with them?

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