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Not sure what to wear to cycle in the rain? There’s an app for that

App scopes out current and future weather conditions on your ride and offers up the perfect wardrobe

Ever woken up in time for a big ride but had no idea what to wear for the weather conditions? If so, there’s an app for that.

Combining a weather app with some handy cycling advice, the What To Wear Cycling app by developer Christopher Mullen translates temperatures and forecasts with your wardrobe.

To take full advantage of the app you’re going to need a pretty extensive wardrobe to choose from though, as the suggestions are pretty extensive.

If you’re riding in a group, just hit “Tell the Peloton” to email them all the same advice.

There’s even a slider to adjust to your personal preferences if you tend to run hotter or colder than other people.

It works at home or abroad, using your current location or a set one - and you can type in a set of weather conditions for a kit list.

What to Wear Cycling is currently available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, on iOS 7 or above. It can be downloaded here for £1.99.

It hasn’t been met by universal approval though.

Sustrans NE retweeted their response to the news:

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