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Video round-up: Belligerent bus drivers & careless pedestrians

A wince-worthy video of some poor bus driving, some arty stuff, a bit of TdF comedy + more

This edition of the video round-up has something of an international feel to it. We’ve got a video of a belligerent bus driver in Budapest, the story of a Bristol-based bike project, an unusual cycle path crash in Washington DC and some nimble Danish bike messengers.

So strap in and expect bumps, bruises and five-day stays in the intensive care unit. Here’s the video round-up.

Bus takes out cyclist in Budapest

We begin our international whistlestop tour in Budapest. The video is titled ‘sooner or later’ which suggests that this poor cyclist had expected one of the buses in his city to hit him at some point. I doubt he’d have expected it to happen in such violent fashion though.

Reports in Hungary suggest that the driver has been sacked, also claiming that he did in-fact return to the scene of the incident soon after the video ends. The cyclist meanwhile spent five days in the intensive care unit and the following three weeks in hospital. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Copenhagen bike messengers

Copenhagen bike messengers - freedom and friendship from Woco Film on Vimeo.


There are a few of us here at who are quite keen on the idea of cargo bikes. Just the idea of totally forgoing our cars is somewhat appealing, despite their impracticalities in as hilly a part of the country as Bath.

In Copenhagen, they don’t have quite the same issues with hills, and so the career of the bike messenger is more tangible. Jumbo and Fergie are the two featured bike messengers in this short documentary about the precursive event before the European Cycle Messenger Championships in Stockholm.

They talk about how much they love their job and the freedom it brings. If you, like me, are watching this in an office, prepare to fight the urge to quit with immediate effect and join these guys in Denmark.

The Gift

The Gift from Budnitz Bicycles on Vimeo.


Things get a little darker now. Prepare yourself for a journey inside the mind of a man as he “watches the woman he loves transform his gifts into freedom.”

At least that’s the blurb we’re given below the video on Vimeo. This poetic piece is beautifully shot, and - rather against the feel of the video - comically highlights the inclusion of a bucket of water, a pigeon, and the striking-looking lead woman.

The Tonight Show TdF superlatives

Let’s up the mood a little, shall we? Here, straight from the Tonight Show across the pond, we’ve got a little ‘bit’ on the Tour de France.

This is the Superlatives segment, and it’s a regular feature on the show. Essentially it’s an awards show, a bit like the ones you get in your school yearbook. You know, ‘Most Likely to Succeed,’ ‘Mr. Chatterbox,’ you know, ‘funny’.

These are much the same, but maybe with a little more imagination than your average sixth-former can muster.

Plus, 'Bjorkiest'...?!

Cyclist crashes into runner on Washington DC bike trail

We’ll stay in the States for this one. Usually when we feature collision videos we see careless drivers hitting cyclists, or vice versa. This one’s a bit different because one of the parties involved is not, in fact, a vehicle.

Bristol Bike Project

The Bristol Bike Project from The Bristol Bike Project on Vimeo.


The Bristol Bike Project is a fantastic operation being run in the South West which reconstitutes old bikes and bike bits, distributing the fixed-up finished products to communities who would benefit from having access to sustainable transport.

A group of 14 young filmmakers who had teamed up with the Prince’s Trust filmed this celebratory piece around the fifth anniversary of the community bike workshop.

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Paul_C | 10 years ago

Gloucester Bike Project does a similar thing...

levermonkey | 10 years ago

Well that's certainly a mixed bag.

Budapest Cyclist
Can only hope that the cyclist makes a full recovery and that the police pursue the bus driver. Yet another example of crap driving plus crap infrastructure.  14

Bike messengers
Not a lot to say. Slightly jealous (OK! Very).  16

The Gift
Sorry, there's no drugs strong enough to make me watch that all the way through.  35  31

Not worth commenting on.  37

Runner looks over his shoulder, cyclist assumes he's seen. I think the runner has got a hard-on for the blond girl running in the opposite direction. His U-turn is about following her rather than the fact that he's reached his turnaround point.
Basically what I'm saying is that he's a horny male who doesn't have enough blood supply to operate his libido and his brain at the same time. Watch it again and you'll see what I mean.  4  24  4

Bristol Bike Project
At last a good news story. Well done and keep up the good work.  4  4  4  4

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