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Indiglo 5 1800 lumen LED light close to Kickstarter funding goal

Australian designed 1800 lumen light claims to be brightest single LED bicycle light

As the days get increasingly shorter, it’s almost time for lights for the morning and evening rides and commutes. Bicycles lights have gotten brighter and smaller over the years, and the Indiglo 5, currently seeking Kickstarter funding, is claimed to be the brightest single LED light with a whopping 1800 lumen output. There are brighter lights of course, but most achieve their output with multiple LEDs.

The Indiglo 5 pumps out a claimed 1800 lumens from a single Cree MT-G2 LED with a broad beam, multiple modes and all wrapped up in a waterproof aluminium casing measuring just 110mm long and 45mm in diameter. It weighs 190g.

The inventors behind the Indiglo 5, Lesley and Simon, industrial designers and cyclists from Australia, have worked on developing a beam pattern that employs all this brightness usefully, casting a wide spread of light across the road rather than all those lumens concentrated in a small hotspot 50m down the road. They also claim a high CRI (colour render index) with a cool white light being emitted which they claim provides better clarity for the human eye.

There are various modes, including a pulse mode that is said to resemble a heartbeat (a steady beam is also simultaneously emitted) and is aimed at ensuring other road uses spot you.

The Indiglo 5 features an internal battery so no leads to worry about. They claim the 5000mAH battery is good for between 45 minutes and 12 hours, depending on the mode. The battery can be removed so you can take spares on a longer ride, handy for an 600km Audax say, and booster batteries can also be plugged into the light for additional burn time.

They’ve developed a range of mounts, from a simple silicon wraparound mount to a dual mount that is compatible with a Garmin Edge computer. The inventors have also planned for the future. If you upgrade to a newer Indiglo light in the future, they’ll recycle your old light or even refresh it with the latest technology in their ‘product stewardship program’.

The Indigolo 5 costs from $95 and there are a range of options available. They are seeking $75,000 funding and have currently reached $69,706 from 343 backers. There are just nine days to go so if you fancy supporting them, now is the time to do so. If they successfully hit tehri funding goal, they aim to start production in December. Check it out at

Here is the full specification:

  • +1800 Lumen
  • Single Cree MT-G2 N0 LED with optimised optics
  • High CRI light
  • Broad beam
  • Cordless integral 5000mAH lithium ion battery
  • Hi/Med/Lo/Strobe/Pulse/Boost modes
  • 45min-12hour runtime
  • USB & Mains charging
  • Expandable power reserve
  • Range of mounts
  • Power reserve indicator
  • Weather proof
  • Crash proof


  • HI 1200lm  80-90min
  • MED 600lm 120-140min
  • LOW 300lm 160-180min
  • PULSE 12hours
  • BOOST +1800lm 45-60min

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