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This Is Cambridge doff new Grimpeur cycling cap

This Is Cambridge, from yes, Cambridge, make cycling caps, and just cycling caps.

Well, they don’t just make them, they hand tailor them, custom made to fit impeccably on your head from a selection of beautiful materials. Whether you want a Classic cap made from either corduroy or British wool, a more casual wool Urban cap to suit your moustache or a cotton Road cap then they’re your go-to milliner.

The new Grimpeur cap from This Is Cambridge is a lighter weight version of their standard Panache road casquette. It’s still luxurious high wicking brushed cotton though but from customer feedback This Is Cambridge found out that some people prefer wearing a lighter weight cap, especially if shoved under a helmet.

The four panel construction of the Grimpeur is designed and cut in such a way as to hug and follow the contours of the head without being too snug, the cap also features a traditional millinery headband and detailing. The hard ‘flippable’ peak has both function and flair in mind and its slightly wider shape provides additional protection from the elements whilst giving the cap a distinctive look.

The underside of the Grimpeur peak is printed in either an Arrows or  Switchbacks design in red or black and is designed to look stunning when flipped up. It comes in five sizes, and you can let yourself chapeau for £23.00.

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