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As seen on TV: Ned Boulting's Boardman bike up for auction

"Uniquely abused" bike being sold to raise money for SE London primary school...

Fancy a bike that's been on the telly? A Boardman bike formerly owned by Ned Boulting from ITV's Tour de France coverage team is up for sale on eBay to raise money for a south-east London primary school. 

Boulting, author of How I Won the Yellow Jumper: Dispatches from the Tour de France, was given the 2012 Team Carbon by the man Chris himself. It is described as "uniquely abused".

Boulting rode the size M bike in numerous TV segments during filming for both the 2012 and 2013 Tour de France.

He is able to say goodbye to this bike, despite the many memories it holds because, he told "Chris has upgraded me.

"I hope the lucky new owner rides with more aplomb, panache and better gear changes than I ever did."

He added: "To be honest, I don't know how bikes work. But I remember where I have been on them. The one I'm selling rode the 2012 Prologue course and the Col D'Aspin."

Boulting has donated it to Thorntree Primary School in Charlton, SE7, which is now selling it to raise funds for equipment for its outdoor playground.

The bike comes with a letter from Boulting explaining its history and thanking the eventual buyer for their purchase.

The bike has been up Mont Ventoux and the Col d'Aspin and from London to Paris. "But not very fast," says Boulting, "since it was piloted by me."

Boulting describes Thornton Primary as "a wonderful school which supported both my kids through their early years and needs every penny of assistance in order to do the same for the next generations."

As for the bike, Boulting comments that its original white bar tape didn't stay that way for long and has been replaced with sensible black tape, but nevertheless "Chris makes them half decent."

Bidding currently stands at £700. Pop over to eBay if you're interested in picking up a bit of cycling TV history.

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andyp | 9 years ago

'here she is'

Has Ned undergone some kind of Robert Millar* transformation?


Scoob_84 | 9 years ago

Annoyingly, both him and boardman were chatting away and joking to each other whilst i was gritting my teeth and grimacing like i was auditioning for a Rapha photoshoot.

Rupert | 9 years ago

He's no slouch on the bike that Ned Boulting  16
Supposedly he does a bit of running as well.

howieph | 9 years ago

Rondude!  41

Scoob_84 | 9 years ago

here she is

Scoob_84 | 9 years ago

He over took me going up the Ventoux riding this bloody bike  20

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