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New Strava video celebrates common rituals of cycling

Ride With Us shot in London, Los Angeles, Barcelona and Sao Paulo

Strava has released a new video celebrating a number of rituals common to many cyclists, no matter who they are or where they ride. Shot in London, Los Angeles, Barcelona and Sao Paulo, Ride With Us highlights some of the common themes of a handful of rides which take place in completely different locations.

There’s the rushed breakfast, the roll out of town, the race to the top of a climb and of course the coffee stop. “The rituals of cycling have no borders, no race, no gender, no age,” says the accompanying blurb.

The video finishes with the message: “Whatever your ritual, wherever you ride, ride with us,” alluding to the fact that recording ride data and uploading it to Strava is increasingly becoming a common ritual in itself.

Strava users rode 2.7 billion kilometres during 2014 in more than 75 million separate rides – UK users contributing more than half a billion kilometres alone.

Earlier this month, we reported that there had also been a huge rise in the number of UK women using app while cycling over the last year. An 82 per cent increase in membership has meant that female UK users contributed 44 million kilometres – a fifth of the distance logged by all women worldwide.

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backflipbedlem | 9 years ago

Great Video!!!

Daveyraveygravey | 9 years ago

I loved it! Haven't ridden for 10 days since a grim crash on Dartmoor, aching to get back out there.

Leviathan | 9 years ago

No one using Strava in Strava video?

One armed fella at 2:44 Kudos  41

KiwiMike | 9 years ago

Is there the collective 8:15am drizzly 8ºC Sunday 'Crossed-Arm Opprobrium Of W-T-a-F' as someone flips their bike onto the hoods on a gravel layby, spends 5 minutes trying to get their back wheel out 'cos they left it in big cog and don't want to get fingers oily, then remember to undo the brake cam, then snap both their Lidl levers, then ask to borrow yours, then realise their tube was unpatched from the last flat.

Is that common ritual there?

Animal replied to KiwiMike | 9 years ago

No. They're dropped rapido!

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