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More than 1,000 cyclists in London injured in hit-and-run collisions in 2014

One in five collisions with cyclists a hit and run - "substantial proportion" of illegal drivers in the capital to blame...

More than 1,000 London cyclists were injured, and two killed, in hit and run collisions in 2014 according to figures obtained by the Green Party's Jenny Jones.

Although the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured in the capital fell last year, hit and runs involving cyclists increased 13% to 1,014, while pedestrian hit and run injuries increased 16%. Almost one fifth of all injuries to both cyclists and pedestrians involved drivers who failed to stop.

Green Party Assembly Member, Baroness Jones, who has been highly critical of dangerous driving in the capital said the figures, which she requested during last week's Mayor's Question Time, show the “culture of lawless roads” is getting worse and more police are needed to curb the "substantial proportion" of illegal drivers in London.

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She said: “Drivers in London are trying to escape justice in increasing numbers and the culture of lawless roads is getting worse, not better. I think London’s hard pushed traffic police do a great job, but there are not enough of them.  The Met Police really must act urgently to ensure that drivers take responsibility for their actions and the Mayor needs to make road crime a priority.

"Something has gone very wrong when a fifth of the injuries to pedestrians and cyclists involve a failure to stop. There are far too many arrogant drivers who think they can get away with injuring someone, just as they think they can get away with breaking the rules on speeding, jumping red lights and using mobile phones.”

Of cyclist deaths in 2014 Asaad Ahmed, 32-year-old father of two, was killed by a hit and run while cycling on Commercial Road in November, while David Blake, 57, was killed in Whitechapel by a hit and run in December. There were 91 serious injuries and 921 slight injuries to cyclists involved in hit and runs.

In 2014 1,212 pedestrians were victims of hit and runs, up from 1,043 the previous year. In 2013, 894 cyclists were victims of hit and run collisions.

Research highlighted by Baroness Jones, has shown motorists without insurance and valid driving licences are more likely to be involved in collisions than those driving legally. The DfT has found uninsured drivers are 10 times more likely to have drink driving convictions, while those without a licence are up to nine times more likely to be involved in a collison.

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