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Video: Trials legend Martyn Ashton shows his new moves

Road Bike Party star ditches wheelchair and gets back on bike in Electric Chair video

Mountain bike trials star Martyn Ashton, the man behind Road Bike Party 1, 2, and 3 who was paralysed from the waist down in an accident in September 2013, has posted a new video, Electric Chair, showing him pulling new moves back on the bike.

We showed you a video last month in which Martyn, accompanied by fellow trials riders, Danny MacAskill, Chris Akrigg and Blake Samson, tackled the downhill trail at Antur Stiniog in Snowdonia on a modified Nicolai Gemetron, the saddle replaced with a ski chair. Ashton rode the trail with his feet taped to the pedals and demonstrated that none of his bike handling skills have deserted him. If you’ve not already seen that video, by the way, you just have to treat yourself to a viewing. It’s a thing of beauty. 

Now Martyn has posted a new video called Electric Chair, as found on TwoWheelsBetter, in which he pulls wheelies and stoppies, and tackles steps on his new full suspension electric bike.

“Electric power [is] opening up tons of new possibilities,” said Martyn. “Can’t wait to start filming my new video on this beast.”

It makes you wonder what Martyn’s planning next and just how far he can take things now he’s back on two wheels.

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morseykayak | 8 years ago

Martyn Ashton is a dude.

barbarus | 8 years ago

He is inspirational! Love it.

KiwiMike | 8 years ago

Can't wait for the comments about electric bikes. And electric *mountain bikes*.

IMHO, the *only* place for electric MTB's is under Mr Ashton's arse. Everyone else needs to pedal. I fundamentally disagree with His Purpleness Saint Fisher on this one. e-MTB's are the devil's chariot.

Just as well this is Road.CC eh?  16

Stinkers | 8 years ago

Is anyone else experiencing a deep sensation of awe ... and massive personal inadequacy

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