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Woman aims sights at Billie Fleming's most miles cycled in a year record

Kajsa Tylen will cycle the equivalent of 1.5 times around the globe to claim the women's title for most miles cycled in a year ...

One woman is hoping to beat a record held by the late Billie Fleming for almost 80 years - by cycling the equivalent of one and a half times round the world in 2016.

Nottingham-based Kajsa Tylen will attempt to cycle 31,069 miles (50,000km) in one year, breaking Fleming's record set in 1938 of 29,603 miles, which was completed on a three speed bicycle.

In order to win the women's Guinness World Record title for most miles cycled in a year, Swedish-born Tylen will need to cycle at least 85 miles per day. Rather than raising money for charity Tylen is raising pledges from those inspired to take on their own physical challenges in 2016.

Tylen said: “People have asked me why I believe that I can achieve this. This isn’t exactly straightforward to explain, but I believe in myself and have the confidence that I can set a new world record. It is not a challenge I am taking lightly, there has been a lot of planning and a detailed training plan, beyond that the rest will be psychological.

“Apart from highlighting the tremendous achievements of Billie Fleming last century and hopefully setting a new world record, I am hoping that this challenge will be a life-changing experience and will open many doors."

Her challenge starts in Nottingham on 1 January, ending on 30 December because 2016 is a leap year. The rules dictate she must begin each ride where she finished the previous day, and although Tylen will mostly ride in the UK she will also visit France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark, aiming to reach the north of Sweden in late June 2016 to make use of the midnight sun.

In 1938 Briton Billie Fleming, who died last year, rode every day for 12 months to achieve her record, often giving talks at the end of a long day's ride.

Like Fleming, who widely promoted the benefits of cycling, Tylen hopes to inspire others, and rather than offering money for charity, supporters will pledge to complete their own physical challenges. 

Said Tylen: “I am particularly keen on encouraging others to take up fitness challenges and their pledges of commitments to exercise will spur me on while I’m riding all those thousands of miles.”

Supporters can join Strava group, The Sweat Pledge, to log their progress in their own challenges. Suggested challenges include doing 20 minutes of exercise per day, cycling to work or school, and getting fit to ride all - or part - of a 100 mile stage of Tylen's challenge with her.

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Leviathan | 8 years ago

Even with modern equipment this isn't all that easy as the two men attempting it this year have found out.

Claud And I replied to Leviathan | 8 years ago

I don't think anyone was thinking it would be easy!  1

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