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Boris Johnson makes safety of cyclists an EU referendum issue

Mayor of London says safer cabs proposal is being blocked at a European level

Boris Johnson has used the safer design of lorry cabs and the implications for cyclists as an example of why he thinks Britain should leave the EU. Johnson told ITV's The Late Debate that a proposal to ensure safer cabs so that drivers could better see cyclists is being blocked at a European level.

Johnson believes that Britain should leave the European Union, telling The Times: "The fundamental problem is that we have given away control of our destiny in too many areas."

As an example of this, he cited changes to European legislation which would ensure lorries are safer for vulnerable road users. France, where truck manufacturer Renault is based, and Sweden, home to Volvo and Scania, have been among member states seeking to delay the revised regulations.

“There is such a proposal to have safer cabs so that drivers can see vulnerable road users but it's currently blocked in the transport ministers' council by France and by other countries because they're protecting the interests of their manufacturers,” he said.

The new design regulations will permit larger windows and rounded cabs which would help prevent people from being dragged under the vehicle in the event of a collision.

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