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Hargroves Cycles DealCatcher Takeover + exclusive discount

The folks over at Hargroves have got an exclusive 10% discount for readers + some stellar deals

They've got him again. Hargroves Cycles have lured the DealCatcher away to warmer climes with an offer of a bargain holiday he could not refuse.

In place of Thursday's usual deal round-up the deal hungry bunch at Hargroves are flooding you guys with huge exclusive discounts on some of their best kit.

That exclusivity comes from the alluring and completely exclusive discount that you lot - and only you lot- can claim via the coupon code ROADCC10. 

We'll repeat that code in big capital letters right now for those of you who are just skimming this opening blurb, if you're now re-reading this bit after spotting the capitalised bit below; shame on you.


That should do it.

Proceedings get under way with an illuminating 33% discount on a Moon front and rear light set, followed by a couple of cracking deals on cycling tops from Altura and Castelli.

Following those three amazing cycling deals are a Tacx Smart Trainer for 1/4 off the usual asking price, a pair of Powertap pedals which are on offer here for less than you'll find anywhere else, and finally 25% off Garmin's Forerunner GPS Watch.


33% off the Moon LX760 & Nebula Light Set
RRP £119.00 | NOW £80.99


Bike lights may seem like a seasonal commodity to you, but you'd be wrong. It turns out it gets dark all year round, who knew?

If you think you'll be in less need of a decent pair of bike lights in the summer because the evenings are lighter, think again, they're warmer too. In that vein, you'll be wanting to ride in the failing light much more, we imagine.

This pair of lights from Moon do a great job of keeping you visible and lighting your way. The 760 lumen LX760 is powerful enough to give you vision on a dark night down a dark country lane, and the rear Nebula is a great strip light with equally good viewing angles.


48% off the Altura Podium Jersey
RRP £67.00 | NOW £35.10


The weather's certainly on the turn. The days'll start getting warmer soon and you'll need a jersey that cools you down a bit rather than warms you up.

For those of you who live a little further north, the spring and summer may still feel a little way off, but remember, we've been blessed with unseasonally warm weather in March and April for the last few years.

The Podium jersey has built in cooling areas and it's also got a racey fit - who'd have thought a jersey named podium would have speed and competitiveness in mind?

We gave it an 8/10 when we reviewed it. It's certainly worth a look.

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15% off the Castelli Core Baselayer
RRP £34.99 | NOW £29.70


Another 8/10 review here, this time from Castelli.

You might think we're giving you mixed signals here when we say that while the weather should be warming up, investing in a base layer might not be the worst idea ever.

Sure we'll get some unseasonally warm weather between now and July, but most of us here at are hedging our bets on the bad weather front. One or two of us are still predicting a bit of snow.

Either way, if you're after a base layer, you can do a whole lot worse than Castelli's Core range. Our tech editor gave their sleeveless mesh version of this base layer an 8, and said the "base layer works exceptionally well on the bike, and the best thing is it doesn't even cost that much!"

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25% off the Tacx Neo Smart Trainer
RRP £1199.99 | NOW £899.99


We covered the Tacx Neo Smart Trainer when it was announced back in August, and we were intrigued then.

Now it's had a 25% price cut, consider our attention officially grabbed.

The speical thing about the Tacx Neo Smart is that its direct drive design - where you remove your rear wheel and attach your chain directly to the unit's built-in cassette - giving you a really realistic road feel.

It's compatible with Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo, and can simulate up to 25% inclines.

You can read more about what we think by following the link below:

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10% off PowerTap P1 Power Pedals
RRP £999.00 | NOW £899.10


The third 8/10 of this DealCatcher takeover comes from PowerTap and their excellent P1 pedals.

When we reviewed these pedals - which monitor and record almost every piece of ride data you can imagine - back in November, David Arthur noted how easy to fit and how easy to use they are, as well as how consistently they measure your power output.

If you'd like a little more information on how these pedals work exactly, as well as how well they perform in a huge range of conditions, check out Mr Arthur's review below:

- Read more:'s PowerTap P1 Power Pedals review


25% off the Garmin Forerunner GPS Watch
RRP £209.99 | NOW £156.59


The most sophisticated and by far the best looking addition to Garmin's Forerunner range of GPS watches has landed in your laps at a pretty hefty discount this afternoon.

These beautiful little watches will measure your distance, the pace at which your traveling, your heart rate, your VO2 Max, and you know what else they'll do? They'll tell you the time too.

The Forerunner now sits quite comfortably in the developing smart watch market, in that you can download watch faces, widgets and applications for your Forerunner to both customise your watch and streamline your user experience.

The watch'll even track your daily step count, calories expended throughout the day, as well as monitoring your quality of sleep.

All the data is easily downloadable too.

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