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Video: Road rage driver confronts cyclist only for Russian special forces to intervene

Don’t mess with cyclists (or at least don’t mess with the guy in the car behind)

A video recently doing the rounds shows two men being bundled into the back of a van by what appear to be Russian special forces following a road rage incident involving a cyclist. It doesn’t however seem that the initial confrontation was the armed men’s motivation for intervening.  

A number of versions of the video have appeared on YouTube and other channels, several of which have since been removed.

The driver and passenger of a Porsche Cayenne get out of their vehicle and confront a cyclist who appears to be trying to cross the road. A white Land Cruiser and a minivan pull up behind and when a third man emerges from the Porsche and approaches the Land Cruiser, armed men leap from the van.

The gunmen bundle at least two of the three men into their van and one then drives the Porsche away.

Any number of different opinions have been aired as to what might have been going on here, but it’s notable that the armed men only appear when the third man approaches the Land Cruiser. Weird Russia suggests that the person travelling in that vehicle was a high ranking civil servant and the armed men were there to provide protection.

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