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Cyclists’ Defence Fund launches private prosecution against driver for causing death of Michael Mason by careless driving

Met Police declined to refer case to Crown Prosecution Service

Cycling UK's Cyclists' Defence Fund (CDF) has issued proceedings against the driver involved in a fatal collision with cyclist Michael Mason in London two years ago.

Mason, known as Mick, died in hospital in March 2014, shortly after his 70th birthday. He had been hit from behind by a car on London’s Regent Street 19 days earlier.

Gale Purcell accepted at an inquest that if Mason was there, she should have seen him, but Metropolitan Police decided not to refer the case to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence. CDF believes this was a clear breach of CPS guidelines.

Following work from CDF, the Metropolitan Police seemingly changed its position in March 2015, saying it would refer the case to the Director of Public Prosecutions. Five days later, that statement was withdrawn.

The inquest into Mason’s death returned a finding of accidental death. Writing on his blog at the time, Martin Porter QC, who represented the family at the inquest, said: "Witness evidence and CCTV evidence … left no doubt that no witness aside from the Nissan driver failed to see Mr Mason on his bicycle."

CDF subsequently appealed for funds to pursue a private prosecution and has raised over £60,000. (Donations can still be made).

CDF has now instructed solicitors to commence a private prosecution of Purcell for causing death by careless driving. The proceedings have been issued in Westminster Magistrates Court and an initial court hearing has been listed for September 6.

Speaking on behalf of the CDF, Duncan Dollimore, said:

"This is the first step towards what we hope will be justice for Mick Mason’s family. They have suffered not just the tragic death of a family pillar but also been woefully let down by the police and legal system at the time they needed it most.

“The Cyclists’ Defence Fund wants to thank everyone who has generously donated. Without their help this private prosecution and the Mason family’s ongoing struggle for justice wouldn’t have been possible.”

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tritecommentbot | 7 years ago

Sad times when you have to crowdsource justice. 


Wild West on the roads.

dodgy | 7 years ago

This comment might seem strange, but Mick Mason's image above, he just seems like a nice bloke for some reason. 70+, looking great for his age, bloody damn shame. I bet he's missed.

The fact we need an organisation such as CDF is a double tragedy. My first donation to them was after the Daniel Cadden 'affair'. Well done CDF.



Metaphor | 7 years ago

Well done to the CDF and all who donated. But a sorry state of affairs when we have to pay for justice.

mike the bike | 7 years ago


At last there is hope that this woman will be brought to book for her part in this tragedy.  If she is found guilty there should be an independent inquiry into the police response to Mr Mason's death.  It does nobody any good that rumours of incompetence, or worse, are still circulating.

Housecathst | 7 years ago

   "Gale Purcell accepted at an inquest that if Mason was there, she should have seen him"

interesting defence, is she suggesting he wasn't there ? 

I hold out little hope that a jury of fellow motorist will return a guilty verdict considering they will be judged her by their own poor driving standards. 

If nothing else I hope Gale at least understand that a large number of people have given up there own hard earned money in the vain hope of bring her to justice. 

burtthebike | 7 years ago

Great news, and hopefully the prosecution will succeed, leaving the police with some questions to answer.

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