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Video: Super-angry Manchester man swears at anyone using cycle lane

Features very strong language

A Manchester cyclist who uploaded footage of an angry pedestrian to YouTube has discovered that the man in question is known to a number of cyclists in the area and apparently screams abuse at them regularly.

The video, shot by Joe Silver, show a female cyclist riding ahead of him, travelling south along the Wilmslow Road Cycleway.

As the cycle lane cuts behind a bus stop outside the Friendship Inn in Fallowfield, a man, who has been standing in the lane, makes as if to cross in her path.

She veers around him and he then mutters a muffled complaint to Silver, as he passes. “That’s nice. What a lovely person you are,” he replies.

The argument continues and the man says: "If that bike would've injured me I'd have fucking put her in hospital." Keen to launch a couple of stones from his glass house, he adds: "and you with her, you baldy cunt."

International Business Times reports that when the video was posted to Reddit, a number of other users recognised the man.

One said: “I see that guy on Oxford Road all of the time yelling at cyclists. He really hates cyclists for some reason. I've seen him shouting ‘I hope you fucking get hit by that car!’ to random people going past. Never met someone walking who hated cyclists that much.”

Another added: “He walked out in front of me just before Christmas just down the road. Utter bellend. Next time I'll be aiming for him.”

Some suggest that the nature of the bus stop bypass may be part of the issue, with one saying: “I hate the way cyclists use that part of Fallowfield; the entrance to a massive supermarket and a bus stop - then suddenly you're ‘in the road’.”

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