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Confusion around Chesterfield junctions as to whether motorists or cyclists have priority

Council says motorists must give way but road markings say otherwise

Work to give pedestrians and cyclists priority over cars on some Chesterfield roads has come in for criticism with road markings appearing to indicate exactly the opposite. The Derbyshire Times reports that there have been a series of near-misses on the ‘A61 cycle corridor’ due to the confusion.

The work was carried out to give pedestrians and cyclists on one side of Derby Road priority over turning traffic.

Plans and an artist’s impression of the Trevorrow Road junction feature ‘give way’ road markings positioned for drivers.

However, the finished junction is rather different with similar markings instead positioned for pedestrians and cyclists.

Derbyshire Times readers reported a number of near-misses at the junction following the work.

A county council spokesman told the newspaper: “There are signs in place advising motorists that pedestrians and cyclists now have priority over vehicles turning off into the side roads.

“The feedback we have had so far has been very positive. We’ll continue to monitor the junctions in the coming months and consider further signage or road markings, if necessary.”

Derbyshire County Council has been contacted for further comment.

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noiseboyfeetman | 7 years ago
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Ridiculous design. Motorists will only stop at a controlled crossing such as a zebra or puffin crossing not at what looks like an uncontrolled crossing, they will definitely not expect a pedestrian or cyclist to step out into the carriageway. Vehicles turning into the road will not be looking to see if any pedestrians or cyclists are crossing the road they are not even in yet.

Does Derbyshire Council have a road safety team that undertakes safety audits? It looks like they need one!

This is an accident waiting to happen and the designers should know that.

philhubbard | 7 years ago
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Unfortunately this is my home town and the road was fine before for cyclists just not pedestrians. Now it puts both pedestrians and cyclists at risk due to confusion. 

Unfortunately it's the same planners who managed to get country wide recognition for making 2 4m long cycle lanes;


DaveE128 | 7 years ago
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In the plan, there are give way lines for both cyclists using shared path and road users. That would have been dumb too. The council seems to be being disingenuous to me though.

CygnusX1 replied to DaveE128 | 7 years ago
DaveE128 wrote:

In the plan, there are give way lines for both cyclists using shared path and road users. That would have been dumb too. The council seems to be being disingenuous to me though.

Hmm, that's not how I read the plan - although its hard to tell from just the snippet in the DT story.  Yes, the plans show the pre-existing give way markings on the pavement, but they're in a hatched area (resurfacing?) and drawn lightly whereas the new give way markings on the road are much bolder.

I suspect road contractor Bob looked at the drawings decided the council can't do proper plans and interpreted it in is own way (i.e. totally ignored them).  Council should get them back to rectify free of charge.

adoapplemac | 7 years ago
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Cyclists clearly don't have any priority at this junction - the design must have been changed before it was implemented. Pedestrians would have priority over turning traffic once they have started crossing (Highway Code Rule 170), but how many drivers know this? 

IanW1968 | 7 years ago

Cycle/Pedestrian infrastructure doesnt have to work, its purpose is to exist in principle and in doing so ticking a box in some other planning application requiring provision  for Peds/Bikes. 

"Get off this road you hippies and use that dangerous unfit for purpose cycle path" etc

Grahamd | 7 years ago
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An accident waiting to happen. I just hope nobody is seriously hurt before this is replaced with a more suitable arrangement.

PaulBox | 7 years ago

If they move the give way markings for the road users to before the crossing point you would need balls of steel (or a mental deficiancy) to trust it...

And as for the other side of the road, hoping that cars turning left in to this road are going to be giving way to you, good luck with that!

HarrogateSpa | 7 years ago

Apart from anything else, it seems as though they're asking people on foot and people on bikes to share a path, which looks pretty narrow at one side of the road it crosses.

From the photos only, not from local knowledge, it appears to be the same crap cycle infrastructure which has been foisted on us in the UK since time immemorial. It's unbelievable that this nonsense is still being built, and it has to change.

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