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Video: The Biskiple – why not conceal your bike inside a pretend skip?

Taking the melancholy out of bikes dumped in skips

Bike insurance firm the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) brings us the Biskiple, an “urban cloaking device for bicycles.” It’s a fake skip.

The Biskiple is designed for urban cyclists who may struggle to find somewhere to safely store their bikes.

The ETA describes its creation as being “almost entirely anonymous in the urban environment” and says it can be erected in less than five minutes on any street or drive.

A spokesperson said: "A determined thief can break any lock, but if they don't know the bike is there in the first place it makes their life a little harder."

The ETA have previously created a bike with an anti-theft ejector seat and a flamethrower to repel close passes. They also did a zombie-proof bike with a chainsaw out front to help you repel the undead.

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