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11 things we've learned this week

It's been another busy week on two wheels - so without further ado, here are 11 things we've learned this week.....

1. To filter or not to filter? Either way, the reaction was unacceptable

Some readers claimed that the rider in this footage should have filtered through two cars in the first place... however there's no doubting that the 'reaction' if that's what it was was wholly uneccessary. Stay safe out there folks... 
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2. On the subject of near misses, it's not been a good week for Royal Mail...

One of our close pass submissions involving a Royal Mail driver led to a flurry of submissions capturing dodgy driving courtesy of postman this week. Is this a 'thing' or just coincidences? Either way, we're hoping Royal Mail take note.  
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3. While restoring some disused rail lines may have some benefit, it's never going to be popular at the expense of well-used cycle paths 

Bristol to Bath Railway Path (CC licensed by Ian Haskins via Flickr).jpg

Cycle paths along the routes of disused rail lines may be under threat after the government said that it is considering restoring some lines that were axed half a century ago for use by trains. Sustrans has urged the government to protect the status of lines now given over to cyclists and pedestrians. Will this amount to anything in the immediate future? Let's hope a compromise can be made. 
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4. Maybe Mavic should stick to the quality components they're renowned for


The news that Mavic has come out with an intriguing method to improve visibility with a smartphone app to be used in conjunction with a transparent jacket pocket got a 'mixed response' from readers on the site and social media. What do you think of it? We're on the fence!  
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5. This was a pretty dopey move...


We despaired as eight the UCI has revealed that eight cyclists failed anti-doping controls at this year's Vuelta a Colombia, which took place over 12 stages in August. The race, classified as 2.2 within the UCI Americas Tour, was won by Aristobulo Cala of the Bicicletas Strongman team. When will it end?
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6. This doesn't seem fine to us...

Yoann Offredo following assault during training ride (via Facebook).jpg

French professional cyclist Yoann Offredo has been fined by a court following a road rage incident near Paris in April which left him with injuries including a broken nose. The 31-year-old Wanty-Groupe Gobert rider was given a suspended fine of €400 last week by a court in Evry. Fair? you didn't seem to think so. 
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7. It's high time we got some conclusive evidence on high-vis

Cyclists in high-vis (CC licensed image by garryknight)

 Research from the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and Nottingham University has found “increased odds of a collision crash” among cyclists who wear reflective clothing. The researchers did go on to point out that the results “should be treated with caution” however, as they were based on only 76 accidents. Really, does this research, or studies claiming the opposite, help at all? We think not, it's just going to confuse the majority of well-meaning cyclists who wear high-vis believing it increases their safety even more so without knowing if it's making a difference. 
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8. A Froome Giro/TDF double would undoubtedly elevate him to godlike status


He is already to many, but if Froome does the double of all doubles it remove any doubts that he's the best cyclist of his generation, perhaps any generation. We'll be following with intrigue next year. 
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9. The bike industry continues to move with the times, and Scott think they've found the answer 

matt haymen scott foil paris roubaix .jpg

Scott are now selling directly through their own online shop on while continuing to supply retailers, giving customers the choice of free delivery through the site or picking up their order from a Scott stockist. Is this in-between solution the way forward, or will it just keep hurting the LBS? join the debate below. 
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10. 200km/h? Get a move on...

Evandro Portela, the Brazilian cyclist whose video showing him drafting a truck at 124 kilometres an hour went viral in 2014, has set a new world record for the highest speed achieved on a bicycle on a public road, clocking up 202 kilometres an hour last Sunday. Watch the wince-inducing footage above and read the story below...
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11. We know what we want for Christmas now...

Pave Cobble Cheese.jpg

Courtesy of our own Jo Burt, our Christmas lists now consist of a cycling-specific bottles of gin, luxury chain tools and cheese that looks like cobbles. Pretentious, moi? 
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