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Video: Kangaroo takes out cyclist

Flatly refuses to look both ways before crossing the road

Welcome to the latest instalment of our long-running series ‘cyclists taken out by kangaroos’.

We’ve had a former Australian cricketer brought down by kangaroo while cycling home; a collision in which the kangaroo was sadly killed; a kangaroo who clipped a cyclist’s helmet while leaping across him; and a kangaroo who attacked two cyclists on an off-road trail.

They don’t even need to be mobile to cause problems. We’ve also reported on four cyclists who were hospitalised when they hit the carcass of a dead kangaroo.

This latest collision is your classic ‘leaping across the road’ incident with the kangaroo landing on its feet and bounding off into the undergrowth.

The cyclist apparently fared less well.

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“Car drivers are not the only threat to cyclists in Australia,” writes video uploader, JussarianLives. “This was an incident on a bike ride my friends and I did on Australia Day, 2018.

“We were riding in the Boonah region. My friend suffered a subluxation of the AC on her right shoulder (where the 'roo hit her) and a laceration on her left knee, but has a laugh about it now, two days later (and doesn't mind me sharing it here).”

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