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E-bikers sweat three times less than regular bike riders, finds Shimano study

The findings of this study won't exactly come as a surprise, as the research found e-bike riders sweat less and have a much lower heart rate and core temperature following exercise.....

If you were in any doubt that the assistance of an electric motor on your bike would leave you less out of breath, then you're in luck... because Shimano have today released results of a study showing that e-bike riders perspire three times less than those who ride regular bikes, making them ideal for commuters who don't want to arrive at the office a sweaty mess. 

Cycling daily reduces obesity - unless it's an e-bike

Conducted by the Sports Science Agency and commissioned by Shimano at an F1 testing facility, the study had six participants riding for 30 minutes at a time in a heat chamber set to 28ºC, firstly on a normal bike and then on a Shimano Steps e-bike. On average they produced three times less sweat (350ml) on the e-bike, had a heart rate that was 63BPM lower at the end of the test and maintained a core body temperature that was 0.9ºC lower than when riding the regular bike. Higher physiological stress and of course, huge sweat patches on clothing was noted while participants were riding the regular bike, compared to much lower stress levels and little to no sweat on clothes during the e-bike ride. 



Sports Science Agency’s lead scientist Jack Wilson said of the study: “The main findings show that using an e-Bike as opposed to a regular bike, commuters can complete their ride to work without concerns regarding sweat and physiological strain. It’s fair to hypothesise that the benefits of exercise remain and that e-bikes may be a good introduction to those who feel they’re not sufficiently fit enough to attempt to cycle to work.”

While it may seem like a case of stating the obvious, the findings show just how much difference the extra assistance gives you; and for those looking for a commute with less exertion without taking the car, e-bikes will certainly get you to work feeling much less fatigued and free of damp patches on your shirt...

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