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Video: Alarmingly close call with HGV – London cyclist says footage highlights issues with long-term temporary layout of CS3

Poor visibility and as soon as road lights go red, cycle lane lights go red and amber

The London cyclist who uploaded this footage to YouTube says that the current layout of this stretch of Cycle Superhighway 3 (CS3) is seriously flawed and contributed to this very near miss.

The incident occurred just west of Blackfriars Bridge where CS3 crosses Victoria Embankment.

The temporary layout – a product of the Tideway Super Sewer project – has already been in place for several years.

In the video description, 4ChordsNoNet writes: “There are two major problems with this layout. Firstly, the cycle lane is obscured by the hoarding. Cyclists can't see the road and drivers on the road can't see people waiting in the cycle lane.

“Secondly, there is no all-red phase at these lights. As soon as the lights on the road go red, the lights on the cycle lane go red and amber. I realise that you shouldn't go until the lights are green, but TFL knows that human nature is such that people don't wait. There are many junctions where they build in a short delay, even two seconds would be enough here.”

4ChordsNoNet said they had chosen not to report the incident to police.

“From personal experience, and looking at other videos posted, the most that would happen in this instance is that the driver would be offered an awareness course, or the case would be closed off with no action taken.”

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